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  • 6X (5.50", 32GB, Dual SIM, 12MP, Grey)
  • 6X (5.50", 32GB, Dual SIM, 12MP, Grey)
  • 6X (5.50", 32GB, Dual SIM, 12MP, Grey)
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Honor 6X (5.50", 32GB, Dual SIM, 12MP, Grey)

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9 answered questions about Honor 6X (5.50", 32GB, Dual SIM, 12MP, Grey)

User GBond

Does the Honor 6X come with Android 6 Marshmallow or with Android 7 Nougat installed out of the box? And how complicated is it to update if it only has Marshmallow? Thank you.
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1 answer
User simon.laube
Accepted answer

I can't remember if it came with Android 6 or 7 installed but all updates were initialized by Honor automatically and i have Android 7.0 now. So it isn't complicated, just say yes to updates ;)

User grafmichel

Hat das Gerät NFC? Es gibt anscheinend verschiedene Versionen für verschiedene Länder.

This question was asked about another variant: 6X (5.50", 32GB, Dual SIM, 12MP, Silver)

2 answers
User Oguzhan Kartal
Accepted answer

Hallo grafmichel und besten Dank für deine Frage sowie. Das stimmt, die Version die wir anbieten hat aber kein NFC.