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Memory card

Capturing life's moments without worrying about storage space has become a reality with today's high-capacity memory cards. Whether it's for sprawling high-resolution photo libraries, recording crisp 4K videos, or expanding the storage on your smartphone, the right memory card is a game-changer. Professional photographers and videographers, as well as hobbyists and smartphone users, all rely on these durable and portable storage solutions to ensure that not a single moment is missed due to insufficient space.

When choosing a memory card, several key properties come into play. The 'Video speed class,' with a typical value such as V90, indicates the minimum sustained write speed necessary for recording video without interruptions or loss of quality—crucial for those recording in 4K or 8K resolution. 'Memory card class,' often seen as Class 10, designates the minimum serial data writing performance, ensuring fast data transfer and smooth operations. 'Storage capacity' is another pivotal factor to consider, with options like 64GB providing ample space for a variety of tasks. Customers can utilize these properties to find the perfect memory card tailored to their specific needs, filtering choices by video speed class, memory card class, or storage capacity to pinpoint their ideal match within our vast selection.

In our extensive lineup, we offer trusted brands including SanDisk, whose Extreme PRO microSDXC cards are praised for fast read and write speeds, making them ideal for high-resolution video recordings and burst photography. Sony stands tall with the CFexpress Tough Type A card, a robust and rapid option favored by professionals who demand optimal performance and durability under challenging conditions. Kingston's Canvas React Plus SDXC brings to the table remarkable speed and reliability for both videos and stills. Samsung's EVO Plus is celebrated for its harmony of performance and price, suitably designed for everyday use. Last but not least, Angelbird's AV PRO TYPE A is revered among creative professionals for its top-tier speed and build quality. By selecting from these reputable brands, customers can ensure their cherished memories are stored securely and accessed swiftly. Our shop offers the spectrum of choices to meet any storage challenge, backed by customer service that is consistently ready to assist in making the ideal selection for your memory needs.