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New 3DS XL Metallic Blue (DE, FR)
CHF 209.–
Nintendo New 3DS XL Metallic Blue (DE, FR)
Pokémon Mond (3DS, 3DS XL, DE)
CHF 39.20
Nintendo Pokémon Mond (3DS, 3DS XL, DE)
Original ACDC Adapter (3DS, 3DS XL, 2DS)
CHF 12.30
Nintendo Original ACDC Adapter (3DS, 3DS XL, 2DS)


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General information

Manufacturer Nintendo
Product type Game consoles

Game consoles

A video game console is an interactive entertainment computer or modified computer system that produces a video display signal which can be used with a display device (a television, monitor, etc.) to display a video game. The term "video game console" is used to distinguish a machine designed for consumers to buy and use solely for playing video games from a personal computer, which has many other functions, or arcade machines, which are designed for businesses that buy them and then charge others to play.

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Item number5965893
Release date23.11.2016
May include power adapter Yes

This product may require a power adapter. If this is the case, a suitable adapter is included in the delivery.

Console properties


Console properties

Game console properties



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German is a West Germanic language, thus related to and classified alongside English and Dutch. It is one of the world's major languages and the most widely spoken first language in the European Union. Globally, German is spoken by approximately 120 million native speakers and also by about 80 million non-native speakers. Standard German is widely taught in schools, universities and Goethe Institutes worldwide.

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French (français, IPA: [fʁɑ̃sɛ]) is a Romance language spoken as a first language by around 136 million people worldwide.[1][4] A total of 250 million speak it as either a first or as a second language. Moreover, roughly 110 million people learn French as a second or third language. French speaking communities are present in 57 countries and territories. Most native speakers of the language live in France, the rest live essentially in Canada, particularly Quebec, New Brunswick and Ontario, as well as Belgium, Algeria, Switzerland, Monaco, Luxembourg, and certain places in the U.S. states of Maine and Louisiana. Most second-language speakers of French live in Francophone Africa, arguably exceeding the number of native speakers.

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The device is checked on-site by an authorised service specialist and, where possible, refurbished to its original working order. In the event that it cannot be repaired, it is sent to the service centre. Furthermore, a replacement is provided for all TVs.

to 2 years CHF 32.80
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All Risk by Allianz Global Assistance

All Risk by Allianz Global Assistance

Insure your device against drop, impact, breakage and display damage as well as against damage caused by water or damp. Improper use (call and data misuse) due to theft is also covered. With each purchase you accept the general terms and conditions.

1 Year CHF 18.–
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User john.jayakumar97

Wann wird denn das Paket lieferbereit sein?

3 answers
User Konayo
Accepted answer

Kann jetzt bestätigen:
Hätte ich alles einzeln bestellt, hätte ich das Bundle nun. Dank der super(...) Digitec Logistik ist nun aber nur das Spiel angekommen.
Alle Produkte waren an Lager, jetzt gehe ich das Gerät aber woanders kaufen, danke Digitec, mal wieder...

User Bamigorengz

Wenn ich bereits mit paypal bezahlt habe kann ich die bestellung noch stornieren und das geld gibts retour? das ist mir langsam zu blöde hier >2wochen bestellt und immer noch keine angaben zum liefert

1 answer

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Nintendo New 3DS XL + Pokémon Mond + AC Adapter (DE, FR) Nintendo New 3DS XL + Pokémon Mond + AC Adapter (DE, FR)