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CreatBot DX Plus - Dual Extruder


A 3D printer requires a certain weight to insure stable operation. This is why a all metal chassis is the best way to go when it comes to 3D printing. Large build volume The DX Plus boasts with its impressive build volume of 300 x 250 x 520 mm, that is more than enough for most makers. This means that you can print your creations in 52 cm height and with a resolution of 0.04 mm. Smart adjustable extruder CreatBot extruders have an intelligent cooling system, this ensures that the filament is feeding at the optimal temperature all the time. The height adjustable nozzles allows you to align your two nozzles very quick and easy. Perfect when you want to print with support, different material or just two colors. All CreatBots from 3D Prima comes with dual extruders as standard. Automatically shutdown Your CreatBot is equipped with a power management module. When the print is finished and there is no action taken within 5 minutes the printer will shut down. Very useful and very energy efficient. Continued print If you should have an unexpected power loss the printer remembers the last known position, stores it, lowers and retract the filament. When the power comes back on you can continue to print. Multi-function key pad CreatBot has a multi-function keyboard. This makes for very easy handling and direct access to many of the most used functions, including Z shaft up/down, heating/cooling of hot bed, pause, resume print, browse the SD card and more. Gear motors feeder A gear motor can produce more torque compared to the general stepper motor, this ensures that there is a smooth feeding of the filament at all times and that retraction is perfect. Filament detection system If you should run out of filament during a print, don&rsquo, t worry. The printer will go into pause mode and let you change the filament &ndash, then you just hit resume, easy! Ceramic panel hot bed On top of a silica heating plate there is a stunning ceramic hot bed which is more expensive then glass but also provides a better heating distribution and a more even heat. The ceramic plate is very smooth and provides a very good adhesion. High temperature prints The nozzles can operate in temperatures up to 400 degrees Celsius. This means that you can use a wide range of different filaments. It also provides you with a very stable temperature during printing. Metal hot bed tray An all metal hot bed tray makes for a very stable printmore


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General information

Manufacturer CreatBot
Product type 3D printers
Item number5816553
Release date23.06.2016
External links Manufacturer's site (de)
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Colour group
Colour designation

3D printer properties

3D printing resolution
50 microns (0.05mm)
3D printing method
Fused Filament Fabrication

Fused Filament Fabrication

Schmelzdruck Verfahren

Diameter filaments
3 mm
Nozzle diameter
0.30 mm
Max. Print size
300 x 250 x 520 mm

Mechanical properties

Number of nozzle extruder units
Heated chamber




Computer software, or just software, is a collection of computer programs and related data that provides the instructions for telling a computer what to do and how to do it. Software refers to one or more computer programs and data held in the storage of the computer for some reasons. In other words, software is a set of programs, procedures, algorithms and its documentation concerned with the operation of a data processing system. Program software performs the function of the program it implements, either by directly providing instructions to the computer hardware or by serving as input to another piece of software.

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Supported file formats

Supported file formats

Ein Dateiformat definiert die Syntax und Semantik von Daten innerhalb einer Datei. Es stellt damit eine bidirektionale Abbildung von Information auf einen eindimensionalen binären Speicher dar.

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Operating system compatibility


Microsoft Windows is a series of graphical interface operating systems developed, marketed, and sold by Microsoft.

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Mac OS X

Mac OS X

Mac OS X (offizielle Sprechweise: Mac OS Zehn, vom altrömischen X für 10, seit Version 10.8 nur noch OS X) ist ein vom Unternehmen Apple entwickeltes Betriebssystem.

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Power supply


Power supply

All power supply related details.

Input voltage

Input voltage

Voltage (sometimes also called electric or electrical tension) is the difference of electrical potential between two points of an electrical or electronic circuit, expressed in volts.

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110 - 220 V

Product dimensions


Product dimensions

Physical size of an object

42 cm
38 cm
79 cm
35 kg


Construction material / filament
ABS filament
PLA filament
dissolvable filament

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Manual | 4.98 MB | EnglishManual | 4.98 MB | English

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Customer questions and answers

The 2 most helpful customer questions

User Anonymous

Ist hier bereits eine/zwei Rollen Druckmaterial dabei? Welche Rolle eignen sich für diesen Drucker?

1 answer
User Stefan Franchi
Accepted answer

Im Lieferumfang enthalten sind folgende Artikel:
- 1 x CreatBot DX Plus with dual extruders
- 1 x SD card
- 1 x USB cable
- 1 x Power cable
- 1 x Tool kit
- 1 x Manual
- 2 x spools of 1 kg 3.00 mm filament
- Cura software on SD card

Wir empfehlen folgendes Filament:
Proto-pasta High Temp PLA 2.0v 2.85mm Silver Smoke

Jedoch können PLA und ABS-Filamente verschiedener Marken verwendet werden mit einem Durchmesser von 2.85-3mm
Material findest du hier:


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CreatBot DX Plus - Dual Extruder CreatBot DX Plus - Dual Extruder