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  • Hideaway Cable Box XL (45cm)
  • Hideaway Cable Box XL (45cm)
CHF 44.–was 54.–1
Bosign Hideaway Cable Box XL (45cm)

Rating on Bosign Hideaway Cable Box XL (45cm).

User kessarachanis
Hideaway Cable Box XL (45cm)

The Roll Royce of Cable management box.

My cable mess looks so much better as it can simply not be seen anymore. Elegant minimal and discreet design. The plastic is not cheap at all and the wooden top is well made. Although I bought two different cable management boxes of different sizes, they equally bring the same peace of mind in my life. Amen.
This being said I do not understand how we, human, have such a poor choice in cable management solutions. Someone should seriously think about tackling this particular issue which, I am sure, on a long term basis could lead to mental fatigue.


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