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SONOS One (White)

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This speaker is essentially the Play:one but with (a version of) Amazon Echo built in. Whilst this is great for a lot of what the Echo ecosystem can offer - it's not without it's drawbacks.

Firstly this system requires AN ECHO ACCOUNT. That means if you're from CH, you can't register. That being said, it's not hard to register as someone from DE. You don't need the Amazon Alexa app if you want to use this speaker - you will just need to set up your account, and log in using from your browser. iOS users, I'm not sure how hard it is to get/install the app, but Android users it isn't too hard to find it somewhere else, and install a third-party apk.

If you have your SONOS account registered with a Swiss address, you will need to edit your profile, change your country, save and "transfer account" in the Sonos app. Then you can activate the Alexa voice service.

SPOTIFY USERS: If you thought this would be as functional with spotify as an Echo is, you're out of luck. It seems she can't find any music, unless it's in your (local) library. This means you will still need an Echo of some kind, set with the default music player as Spotify for this system to work. Don't stress though - Play & Stop etc still work. But no other functionality at this point.

As for sound/design/etc It's basically a Play:one. Sounds great, looks great - all white, instead of white/grey.


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