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Verbatim Multiport (USB C)
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Verbatim Multiport



3 years ago
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Solved my problems with my UPC router !

I bought this for my new laptop, which doesn't have an HDMI port.

One unexpected side-effect of using it is that I've always suffered from stability problems with the Wifi connection from my UPC-Cablecom router box.
It would work 99% of the time, but then would get slower internet, or occasionally lose the connection, even though my laptop was 15cm away from the router, and never moved.

By using this Multiport, and having my laptop connected to the router with a cable, rather than Wifi, the UPC internet runs at full speed and is stable again. (Sigh.)

Apart from that, it's depressing to now need to have a dongle sat on my desk, rather than having ports built into my laptop, but this is a great device, rock-solid network and HDMI connectivity. Well worth the price.

One issue I have noticed... I own a 500Gb Samsung USB-C external drive. Plugging this directly into my laptop worked fine. Plugging it into the Verbatim port.... nothing showed up. So I can't use them both. I tried this on an Acer laptop and a brand new HP laptop, and both had this problem. So, I can't actually use my USB-C external drive via this Verbatim dongle. Damn it.



  • HDMI, RJ45-network ports


  • My USB-C Samsung 500Gb SSD doesn't show up

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