Power from Digitec: Our own batteries are here!
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Power from Digitec: Our own batteries are here!

Martin Jungfer
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Co-author: Yannick Cejka

Forget Varta! Don't want Duracell? Now you can stock up on batteries from Digitec. We're entering the power supplier game with the three most popular battery types.

Did you know that batteries are the products that end up in our customers' shopping carts hundreds of times a day? Although more and more devices have built-in rechargeable batteries that can be charged with a cable, every household still needs batteries.

You know what I'm talking about if you're responsible for keeping your children's noisy toys running. Or if you're thinking of certain battery-powered toys for adults (wink, wink!).

No matter what exactly - everyone needs batteries. We know that three types are in particular demand. And that's exactly why a team in our purchasing department has been working over the past few months to ensure that we can offer you our own Digitec batteries. Of course, these are also manufactured in China. We have selected a partner that fulfils our requirements in terms of quality and sustainability as well as social conditions in production.

Design and testing in Switzerland

The design of the Digitec batteries was created in Zurich - from the battery in a simple but elegant silver and black look to the packaging made from environmentally friendly cardboard.

We also had the batteries tested by SQTS (Swiss Quality Testing Services) in Switzerland. Here, the quality of workmanship and compliance with standards were tested and it was also certified that the capacity of the Digitec batteries at least corresponds to what the product description promises. Incidentally, these are even better values than the batteries of some brand manufacturers.

digitec AA Alkaline (24 pcs., AA, 2960 mAh)
14.90 0.62/1pcs.

digitec AA Alkaline

24 pcs., AA, 2960 mAh

digitec AAA Alkaline (24 pcs., AAA, 1270 mAh)
13.70 0.57/1pcs.

digitec AAA Alkaline

24 pcs., AAA, 1270 mAh

digitec CR2032 Lithium (8 pcs., CR2032, 230 mAh)
9.90 1.24/1pcs.

digitec CR2032 Lithium

8 pcs., CR2032, 230 mAh

If you are still missing more specialised battery types, you can of course already find them in our range. But soon there will be more batteries from Digitec. We are already working on it.

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