Karma – The GoPro Drone
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Karma – The GoPro Drone

Lilian Dach
Zurich, on 29.03.2017

It's here: The GoPro drone named Karma. The compact, foldable and easy-to-use GoPro drone has been eagerly awaited for a long time. It's available to order now! The number of available drones is limited for now. The first deliveries should arrive at the beginning of April.

With the GoPro Hero 5 or without

You can purchase the Karma as part of a set with the GoPro Hero5. Do you already have it? Then go for the "light" version that comes without the camera. Both sets come with the GoPro Karma Gimbal and a rucksack. Everything fits in the rucksack: The drone, the Karma Grip and the remote control. For everyone who has already bought the Karma Grip: GoPro is launching another set without the Karma Grip in summer 2017. Order now and be one of the first! The first deliveries are expected from April.

With GoPro Hero 5, Karma Grip and rucksack

Karma incl. Hero 5 (20 min, 1950 g, 12 Mpx)
GoPro Karma incl. Hero 5 (20 min, 1950 g, 12 Mpx)

Without GoPro Hero 5, with Karma Grip and rucksack

Karma Light drone + Karma Grip gimbal set (20 min, 1840 g)
GoPro Karma Light drone + Karma Grip gimbal set (20 min, 1840 g)

What makes the GoPro drone so special

GoPro founder and CEO Nick Woodman: "The ultimate solution"

The GoPro founder and current CEO says the following about the Karma: "Karma is the ultimate solution for soft aerial or hand-held recordings or recordings made with the GoPro mount. The market for consumer drones is growing and Karma delivers the most versatile system at an affordable price." According to GoPro, you are getting "Hollywood in a rucksack" with the Karma.

The Karma Grip

The Karma Grip is a Gimbal that stabilises your drone videos and photos so that they are not blurred. It is always included in the delivery. As with the GoPro Hero 5, you can remove it from the drone 5 and use it without Karma. Together with the 3-axis camera stabiliser, the Karma Grip ensures shake-free videos. I have already tried out the Karma Grip. I tried it out all over the place; the video results were perfect.

GoPro Hero 5 video quality

In addition to the camera stabilisation and the Karma Grip, you can also rely on the video and image quality of the GoPro Hero 5: The video recordings are very high quality thanks to wind noise reduction and another video stabilisation system integrated into the GoPro. It is also possible to take photos in RAW with the 12 megapixel camera. There is a continuous shooting mode with up to 30 images per second. High resolution 4K videos with up to 30 images per second are also a piece of cake.

Use the functions of the GoPro Hero 5

You can also use all the GoPro Hero 5's functions such as the GPS function with the Karma. You can edit your videos with the familiar GoPro software apps. Only the voice controls for the GoPro Hero 5 cannot be used, because the Karma can only be operated using the included controller.

The compact camera is very easy to use. This makes flying a drone fun.

Very easy to operate and ready to use straight away

The Karma is very compact. You can fold it up when you are transporting it. This means you can simply put it in your rucksack and take it with you. The GoPro drone is very easy to use. It comes with a remote control, which is similar to the controllers of many game consoles. The controller has a touch display.

Selected flight modes and software updates

To make it easier to start off and to ensure high video quality, the GoPro drone has several flight modes. All the modes are pre-programmed, such as "Dronie", "Orbit", "Reveal" and "Cable Cam". Software updates enable additional functions for the Karma.

Accessories and compatibility with other GoPro models

The Karma is also compatible with the Hero 4 Black and Silva cameras by using frame holders, which are available separately. The frames and additional accessories will be available shortly. Until then, I'd like to ask you to be patient.

Why was the Karma recalled in November 2016?

GoPro voluntarily recalled KARMA in November 2016 after the battery lost its connection to the device in isolated cases. This interrupted the power supply. GoPro identified the cause of the problems and the defect was related to the locking mechanism that holds the battery in the drone. In the overhauled version of the KARMA drone, the locking mechanism was therefore re-engineered.

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