Are you a Pokémon GO player? Then you need this equipment!
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Are you a Pokémon GO player? Then you need this equipment!

Philipp Rüegg
Zurich, on 13.07.2016

“Pokémon GO” is sweeping the nation. The new mobile game that makes you chase monsters with your smartphone has taken the world by storm. We’ve put together a list of essential equipment that will turn you into a champion catcher.

“Pokémon GO” has gone down a bomb. The first real mobile game by Nintendo or rather Niantic, the makers of Ingress, proved to be an immense success just days after its release. Nintendo stocks subsequently went up a whopping 25 per cent! And yet the game is actually quite plain. What you do is move around with your phone’s GPS switched on and pore over a fictitious map in search of clickable objects. These objects may appear in any kind of location, including sights, famous squares or sprayed onto walls like graffiti. It gets really exciting when your smartphone vibrates – that means there’s a wild Pokémon close by. With the Poké Balls you’ve collected beforehand, you can enslav… catch it. In addition, you get to be on one of three teams with which you will try to conquer and occupy the arenas throughout town with one of your own Pokémons.

The players’ obsession to catch as many Pokémons as possible and to be on the winning team in their town generally leads to chronic low batteries, bumps caused by posts appearing out of nowhere and – to give a positive example – step counts going through the roof. We see enormous potential here and would like to present the perfect gear for future “Pokémon GO” pros.

Power bank

All in One Jump Starter 2.0 (18000 mAh, 600 A)
Swaytronic All in One Jump Starter 2.0
18000 mAh, 600 A

Hands down the most important utensil as more juice equals more run time. That, in turn, means longer hunts and more Pokémons.

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High visibility vest

So you’ve run across a busy road without looking to your left or right AGAIN? Chasing those rare Pokémons can be a dangerous affair. With this vest, at least drivers will be able to see you better. It’s like what kindergarten kids wear and they know how the land lies.

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It needn’t always be a dramatic accident with you ending up on a bonnet of a car (although, a helmet would also come in handy if that did happen) but those street lamps and traffic signs to have a tendency to pop up out of nowhere and cause terrible bumps. We’ve got the headgear that’s right for your nut.

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Running shoes

Every second counts. Get a head start with these colourful jogging shoes. Chop-chop! Before someone else conquers the arena in your area.

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But what am I saying? Only the rabble use their feet to get places. No way is this an efficient method! There’s only one thing for it: an e-bike. I would highly recommend getting the most expensive one. You’ll be very fast but not too fast to conquer arenas and collect Poké Balls. You might even be able to charge your smartphone’s battery on the way – that’s if you ignored the first bit of advice I gave you.

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Smartphone mount for your bike

If you won’t or can’t cycle freehand, your best bet is to stick this handy mobile mount on your handlebar.

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Climbing equipment

Should a Pokémon be out of reach because it’s hiding in a tree or on a rock, nothing beats decent climbing equipment.

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Phantom 4 (28 min, 1380 g, 12 Mpx)
Dji Phantom 4
28 min, 1380 g, 12 Mpx

Let’s be honest – it’s just too exhausting and ineffective to run around town yourself. Therefore, a particularly cunning player came up with the idea to let a drone do the work for him. Unethical but clever. Before you get a ticket that you can't pay with Poké Balls, you should take a look at this.

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Climbing’s too dangerous for your taste and you don’t trust those dark clouds? Well we’ve got a solution for you. At least for the latter.

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Hire your own personal "Pokémon GO" trainer

Quelle: Kotaku

Who has the time to run around all day catching imaginary animals? Best leave mundane tasks like that to others. Numerous people in the US and in England will do the dirty work for you and are offering their services as "Pokémon GO" trainers. I’m sure it won’t be long until you find someone in Switzerland who’ll take your phone walkies against a decent fee.

Did we forget something? What other equipment does a true "Pokémon GO" player need?

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