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And the winner is: Love

Hey, there’s no need to be disappointed that you didn’t win our streaming PC. If anyone really won here, it’s love. Winner Calypso paid us a visit and explained why she can’t propose to her boyfriend.

Calypso was the lucky winner of our lovingly self-made streaming PC. Congratulations – you earned it.

Oh yeah Calypso, you can smile alright

Of course, it was no mean feat to choose the winner of our streamer PC. The jury fervently quarrelled and debated, but Calypso emerged the winner because she is a talented and entertaining streamer. And because she told us a love story that could only happen on YouTube or Twitch.

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24 Lüfter sind zu viel: So schnell schraube ich keinen Mega-PC mehr zusammen

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Fertig gebaut: Hier ist der Streaming-PC

A streamers’ romance

Flashback to summer 2015: a few hundred kilometres from Basel, avid gamer Calypso is looking for inspiration. She’s a fan of survival horror game «DayZ» and is clicking through the streams on YouTube when Luzi catches her eye. The streamer has something that captivates her. She likes him from the start and can’t get him out of her head. So she leaves him more and more comments in the following weeks and eventually makes contact.

Gradually, the initial friendship became something more and the streamers decided to do things together – they often streamed their Let’s Plays together. But being together in digital reality was no longer enough, so Calypso and Luzi decided to meet in real life. 6 November 2015 was the day. And hey – I don’t know exactly what happened, but they’ve been a couple ever since.

A proposal a long time in the making

That first meeting was followed by a year-long long-distance relationship, until Christmas 2016 when Calypso moved to Basel and started a new life with her love. In early 2018, Calypso finally started having thoughts familiar to many coupled-up women: she started to get interested in wedding dresses. In secret, she was already hearing wedding bells.

In her competition entry for our streaming PC, she wrote:

In November, my boyfriend and I will have been together for three years and the streaming PC would be the perfect present for him. If I win, I’d like to give him the PC and ask him to marry me.
Calypso’s entry

Unfortunately, turning the idea into a reality wasn’t smooth sailing. Stupidly, Luzi was sitting right next to Calypso when she received the e-mail from the digitec team to tell her she had won the competition. On the one hand, maybe it was fate, as they were able to share the excitement. One the other hand, Luzi seized the moment to let his beloved know that he’s old school when it comes to romance. If someone was going to propose, he said, it was going to be him, not the other way around. Did he already have something secret planned?

All smiles at the prize presentation

Calypso was visibly nervous at the presentation. She probably still couldn’t believe that the Corsair-sponsored hardware was really hers.

First thing’s first, let’s check what the guys at digitec have built.

Obviously, everything was checked and explained before the system was packaged up. We didn’t want to leave our winner with any unanswered questions.

Two Cheshire cat grins: Kevin from the editing team celebrates with Calypso.

We were also happy to help load the gigantic box. The full tower weighs 29.5 kg on its own and measures 69.3 x 30.7 x 69.7 cm.

We hope that Calypso and Luzi will stream with the new hardware soon. And, more importantly, we hope that Luzi will stand his ground and get down on one knee soon.

Come on Luzi, you can do it. I believe in you – and I believe in your love!

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User Munze

Wow! So einen hammermässigen PC gewinnen und ihn nicht für sich wollen, sondern ihn seiner wahren Liebe schenken. Das wäre doch mal eine Nerdromanze wie Sie im Buche steht. ^^

User BlackHeart

Holy Shit. Was habe ich soeben durchgelesen? Jedenfalls Gratulation für PC und für die Liebe...oder so :-)

User Pc_Reparatur

Gratuliere. :)

User J0HNNYG00DB3games

Cette histoire était sympa dommage que le milieu de l'histoire n'est pas été traduite en français ...

User Mikey


User IAX89

AJOOOOO…. Die Liebe xD... Schade das es nicht jemand gewonnen hat die/der sie/er aus Finanziellen oder anderen mitfühlsamen gründen kein Rechner hatte. Aj Aj Aj @Jury`s

User IAX89

Ergänzung: nichts gegen die Person selber, bitte nicht falsch verstehen. Sorry falls so verstanden sein sollte. Gratulation nachträglich :>

User RealMajor

lol =D dont mess with the communitiy feelings =P lesson 101... da bist aber schnell zurück gerudert... naja ich bin mir ganz ganz ganz sicher dass du nicht er einzige bist... nur der einizige der es "frechdreist" gewagt hat die geheiligte digitec obrigkeit in frage zu stellen '^ ^ welch ein frevel... fakeln und mistgabeln her =D thumps up

User mari84

Den hätte ich auch gerne selber gebaut - an einem Tag ;-)

User activefood

je ne vois pas la 2e carte mère, elle a passée ou ?

User Sophie Boissonneau

Bonjour Activefood, la deuxième carte mère est en bas à gauche de la tour,on peut la distinguer sur une photo de l'article. J'espère que c'était bien votre question. Bonne journée

User jaceneliot

Oui...faisons gagner à ceux qui ont déjà tout, et dégligeons ceux qui auraient vraiment eu besoin de ce cadeau...pfffffffff.