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HiRose TM21 (Connettori e accessori RJ45)
EFB Elektronik HiRose TM21 (Connettori e accessori RJ45)


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Apparently requires the HiRose crimping tool (not mentioned on pack), no use with thicker CAT 6 cable.

I couldn't get them to function ...
a) Solid (thick) CAT6 cable didn't fit in the guides at all - imposible.
b) I didn't have the special HiRose crimping pliers as mentioned in the positive review, and used "normal" crimping
pliers ... these caused the thinner cables to be cut through - useless.

I used Schwaiger "Easy INstall RJ45" which worked with all types of cable and were much faster.


  • Nees HiRose crimping pliers (not mentioned on the pack)
  • Impossible to use with thicker CAT 6 cable