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  • FDR-X3000R (8.20MP, 30p, Bianco)
  • FDR-X3000R (8.20MP, 30p, Bianco)
  • FDR-X3000R (8.20MP, 30p, Bianco)
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Sony FDR-X3000R (8.20MP, 30p, Bianco)

Domanda su Sony FDR-X3000R (8.20MP, 30p, Bianco)

User Pekot
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The remote is waterproof - perfect for playing around the surface - but it wont work underwater because WIFI doesn't transmit under water. You cannot run it from USB - the cradle is just for charging and no function works when connected. It is worth mention that remote keeps charge much longer than camera though. Another point to mention is that camera do work while on USB but then it doesn't charge. For charging to occur it needs to be switched off.

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