Huawei Matebook X with UK adaptor

I had an unpleasant experience with my order of a Matebook X in Sept.

The first Matebook I collected from the Digitect Shop in Geneva was packaged in one sealed box. It had a Swiss power adaptor but was dead on arrival: it could not boot to Windows.

The replacement Matebook given to me by Digitec Geneva was in a sealed inner box within the same but unsealed cover box. It had a UK power adaptor which was a surprise even to shop assistants. The machine could boot properly. However, a prompt of 'Register Asset' would show up. The machine appeared to be part of a bulk purchase of some non-Swiss institutions or enterprises.

Why was it? Shop assistants could not answer but agreed to order another replacement and, nice enough, offered a universal fast adaptor while letting me keep the original adaptor. However, the second replacement still had a UK adaptor and the same prompt of 'Register Asset'.

I made a 5th trip to Digitec shop. The shop assistant (a young lady) insisted that the machine was new and that was all available. At that point I decided to give up as I needed the laptop badly and did not have the time or energy to pursue the matter. By the way the young lady who seemed tired of me took away the orignal UK adaptor which the previous assistant let me keep.

Two months on, this prompt of 'Register asset' still shows up regularly on the bottom right corner the PC screen and there is no way to get rid of it.

It really nags me that the Matebook X I received from Digitec was not an original PC for retail in Switzerland, it has a bulkier univerval power adaptor rather than the original Swiss adaptor and it keeps reminding me to register the asset.

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