Any notebooks in stock and available with a UK keyboard?

I am trying to filter selection on keyboard type but this isn't possible. I need to buy a notebook (at least i5 processor) with UK keyboard. Any way to search for this?
Unfortunately, we don't have any notebooks with UK keyboards in stock.
Or an international (USA) keyboard?
Sorry, I misread the question... I just checked and in fact didn't find any Notebook with UK Keyboard. I also didn't find any new US Notebook. (but there are 2 used ones). If you really need the QWERY Layout, there is the possibility to swap the keyboard with a US or UK Keyboardinlay that you buy on internet or directly over the Notebook producer (Dell, HP,...), but this solution might take a long time. For now on, I see two options: you can buy an external keyboard or buy your Qwerty notebook elsewere. :/
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