Schede grafiche

Yes. But digitec mentioned, that tomorrow no cards will be around in the warehouse. Tomorrow is the official launch, but so far, it seems tomorrow will be just pre-ordering. ETA of the custom cards is still unknown. Maybe mid december. But could also be january.

I would wait for rx6900xt release on 8th of december. Maybe there will be some price cuts from nvidia.
Suhryorkcitypubblicato 2 mesi fa
pubblicato 2 mesi fa
Ah, a real paper lunch. What will it be? Number 4 in a row? LOL
grudypubblicato 2 mesi fa
pubblicato 2 mesi fa
Where is pre-sale? 15:14 now, One MSI card and no prices.
vdebristpubblicato 2 mesi fa
pubblicato 2 mesi fa
keep pressing, keep pressing, keep pressing... F5 ^^
soldier9945pubblicato 2 mesi fa
pubblicato 2 mesi fa

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