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i2470Swq (24", 1920x1080)
AOC i2470Swq (24", 1920x1080)

Valutazione su AOC i2470Swq (24", 1920x1080).

User chasemichfish
i2470Swq (24", 1920x1080)

Great IPS monitor to match your iMac or high end laptop. Good Value! Great for video editing!

I wanted to add a second monitor to my iMac for increased work efficiency when editing photos, HD videos, so I began researching what would be a good model to purchase. I quickly learned my 2011 iMac uses an IPS display type vs. a TN which is what almost every monitor uses until the last few years. The IPS display panel provides a much bigger range of colors that it can display to get the absolute highest quality and authenticity to your pictures and videos. Since my iMac has this type of display I decided i would not buy a cheaper TN type monitor to accompany it. I did a bit of research and this was one of the lower priced if not the lowest priced IPS monitor Digitec sells. So I went ahead and ordered one it took several days to get from warehouse but was worth waiting for.

The biggest advantage in my option about IPS monitors is that you can look at them from many different and awkward angles and still see the picture very clearly. You will not get a glare on the monitor like you will with a TN type of display. I can easily watch the monitor with almost a 70 degree angel turned away from me. I recommend this model for the value, surely the more expensive ones that cost 2x or 3x as much money have better quality or better features but for home office use this is a winner!


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