• Intuos Pro S, Sud (5080lpi)
  • Intuos Pro S, Sud (5080lpi)
  • Intuos Pro S, Sud (5080lpi)
CHF 218.–
Wacom Intuos Pro S, Sud (5080lpi)

Évaluation sur Wacom Intuos Pro S, Sud (5080lpi).

User angeloinfa

Great product, but not fully compatible with all editing softwares

The product is excellent. Great feeling in the hands and perfect size for a working on a laptop or even a big screen. There is a learning curve as it is not easy to use in the beginning. After a while it becomes more natural. The pen works perfectly with Lightroom and Photoshop. Other softwares like Luminar do not support the pressure levels.
Not sure why it is advertised with French, Italian language. The tablet support much more languages and there is no manual inside to justify the specification of the language. As a result, I bought this one while digitec sells the same tablet almost 30 CHF less without specifying the language. This is something I am still trying to understand...

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