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Great headset but beware!

It's a great headset, but it doesn't work reliably due to the mute button - which is integrated into the microphone pivot mechanism - having loose contact. Sometimes it simply doesn't recognized that it's supposed to be muted and vice versa. You can have the mic down, in the unmuted position and it won't pick anything up until you kind of went back and forth a bit and prayed to a few higher planes of existence. Vice versa, you can put the mic up into the mute position, and it won't actually mute - so beware what you say with this headset on when you're in a call with someone and think you're muted. You might just not be.
I have two friends with the same headset who reported similar issues.
It's not the biggest of deals, but at this price point I'd really expect it to work better. Or just make the mute button a separate little thing on the cable or something. Clearly the sliding up and down solution doesn't work reliably.

Just keep that in mind before you buy.


  • Great sound
  • great microphone
  • comfortable fit
  • feels well made


  • loose contact on the microphone