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NT USB (home studio, baladodiffusion)
RØDE NT USB (home studio, baladodiffusion)

Lezard Valeth

il y a 6 ans
a acheté ce produit



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Beware bad review~

I will start with the bad points.
First the stand , get a mic stand asap because the one that come with the NT usb is not steady at all and the lack of mute button and gain controll is kinda annoying

The build of the
mic is very good

I also own a blue yeti (silver) and a blue yeti pro , so i will make a small compare
The recording quality is better than the silver yeti, the issue with the yeti was the sensibility , earing flies farting was fun 5 minutes
I will say that the recording quality is on par with the yeti pro but minus all the drivers issues
I din't tested the yeti pro with xlr so i can't say anything about here

For me this is an excellent usb mic for podcasting or streaming especialy streaming (twitch , utoob ect) (no idea for music)
Also the balance control is only for what you ear, not for live mixing


  • recording quality
  • mic build
  • good value for the quality


  • cheap plastic stand
  • no mute button
  • no gain button