• XB303 Voyager (26000mAh, 60W)
  • XB303 Voyager (26000mAh, 60W)
  • XB303 Voyager (26000mAh, 60W)
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Xtorm XB303 Voyager (26000mAh, 60W)

Évaluation sur Xtorm XB303 Voyager (26000mAh, 60W).

User Anonymous

Best powerbank on the market right now

Does what it promises, and so far quite well at that.

The only negative points are with regards to the two included USB cables. On one side, they're handy and do their job. On the other side, I'd rather have a smaller power bank (in terms of physical size) and do without the possibility to store the cables inside the power bank. Also, the "hooks"/"tabs" to pull them out are not working well, making it rather bothersome to get the cables out.

But those are minor details. Charging my Samsung Galaxy Note10, my Nintendo Switch and my Asus Zenbook 3 Deluxe (65W) works as expected - reliably and quickly.

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