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  • AC RE450
  • AC RE450
  • AC RE450
CHF 71.90

Évaluation sur TP-LINK AC RE450.

User fabianja
AC RE450

Good product for little money.

It does what it is supposed to do. Easy to set up and so far quite reliable. Managed to bridge a gap due to a staircase in the appartment without any trouble.
So far I did not have any issues (used it for ca. 3 months now). I don't have much reference when it comes to range (that's why I only give 4 stars), but the extension seems reasonable. Bitrate and stability are also satisfying. I think for the price this is a very good produkt. We will see how long-lived it is.

Note: I don't use the 5 GHz band because my router has trouble with this since our TV signal is on transmitted through the appartment on this frequ. as well. So I can't tell if it is stable there as well.


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