Large appliances

    6,295 products

    799.–minus CHF 70.– subsidy
    Bosch GSN51DWDP
    GS58NAWDPH (Stand-alone, 365l)
    950.–minus CHF 70.– subsidy
    Siemens GS58NAWDPH (Stand-alone, 365l)
    WW90T986ASH/S5 WW9800 (9kg, Left)
    1499.–minus CHF 70.– subsidy
    Samsung WW90T986ASH/S5 WW9800 (9kg, Left)
    WAN28241CH Series4 (8kg, Left)
    749.–minus CHF 70.– subsidy
    Bosch WAN28241CH Series4 (8kg, Left)
    TDLR 6230S CH/N (6kg, Upwards)
    464.–minus CHF 70.– subsidy
    Whirlpool TDLR 6230S CH/N (6kg, Upwards)
    GS8858 (Stand-alone, 80l)
    449.–minus CHF 70.– subsidy
    Severin GS8858 (Stand-alone, 80l)
    VE GS143-21 (Stand-alone, 102l)
    Mio Star VE GS143-21 (Stand-alone, 102l)
    AdoraWaschen V4000 (8kg, Left)
    1899.–minus CHF 70.– subsidy
    V-Zug AdoraWaschen V4000 (8kg, Left)

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