The pull-up bar for the room door, the TRX for the ceiling, the fitness mat for the yoga class or the dumbbell set for your muscle training - in our fitness range you are guaranteed to find the right equipment for your home gym. From fitness shirts to exercise bikes and fitness massagers - we have (almost) everything you need for fitness.

Galaxus Sport offers a wide range of large fitness equipment. For triathletes, cyclists and endurance athletes we have a wide range from the popular roller trainer to treadmill and spin bike. The rowing machine as well as the weight bench and the power station for strength athletes are also part of the large fitness assortment. New products and innovations from fitness brands such as Concept2, Tacx, Bowflex, Tunturi, Hammer and Kettler are presented and tested in our articles. Brands like Gorilla Sports round out the range and offer a wide selection for beginners.

The range of small fitness equipment includes a very diverse product range for very different types of athletes. Home fitness fans will find a fitness trampoline, sit ball or balance trainer as well as dumbbells, weights and kettlebells from brands like Hammer, Kettler and TRX at Galaxus Sport. The fitness products from brands like Blackroll and Hyperice are primarily dedicated to regeneration during sports. The classic Blackroll - or alternatively the fitness roller from Trigger Point - should no longer be missing from any gym or athlete's household. Vibration massagers such as the Hypervolt also promise fast regeneration for every athlete.

Fitness fans and yogis can find other helpful sports articles such as posture trainers, yoga blankets, muscle stimulators, Pilates rings, fitness bands and sports bandages in addition to the sports shirt, sports pants and sports socks at Galaxus Sport.