Wall lamps + Ceiling lamps

Wall lamps + Ceiling lamps

Wall luminaires and also ceiling luminaires can basically be divided into two different lamp types. Nevertheless, they are closely related to each other and can often be used as each other's type. Many wall luminaires can be mounted on the ceiling if required and vice versa. The two types can therefore be found under the common type wall and ceiling lamp. Filter properties in our online store allows you to easily find the right one.

Thanks to the "Lamp type" filter, the first step in the search is particularly easy. Search specifically for wall lights, ceiling lights, facade lights, LED panels or spots, find decorative as well as functional lamps or even equip yourself with a smart solution. Popular brands like Philips or inexpensive ones like Eglo are represented. Thanks to premium brands such as Flos, Kartell or Tom Dixton, nothing stands in the way of buying a designer piece.

Wall luminaires are primarily designed to be mounted on walls, as the name suggests. They can be used as a night lamp next to the bed, as an entrance light next to the door or as a decorative lamp in the living room. Most wall luminaires can also be mounted on the ceiling with more or less skill. So if you have not found the right lamp type wall lamp, you should take a look at the ceiling lamps.

Ceiling lights usually have the main purpose of providing as much light as possible. In the hallway they show you the way and in the garage they give you light to tinker with. For low ceilings, ceiling luminaires can also be a good alternative to pendant luminaires. This is the best place to choose a decorative luminaire that can be easily integrated into the room. So nothing stands in the way of the ceiling light finding a place in the living room or bedroom.

Similar to ceiling lights, LED panels are primarily designed to provide as much light as possible. They are usually found in places that otherwise receive less attention. They are ideal for use as office lighting, in the hallway or even in the cellar. They lie flat against the ceiling and are therefore particularly space-saving.

Spots can normally be mounted on both ceiling and wall. They usually have the property of being adjustable. So you can illuminate specific places or dark corners. Filter by "number of lamps" and you will quickly find the wall or ceiling spot you are looking for.

Facade luminaires are used for exterior lighting. They are attached to house walls or the garage and are designed for outdoor use. They withstand both rain and wind and illuminate your outdoor area perfectly. Thanks to smart solutions, such as those from Philips Hue, façade floodlights can be optimally controlled with motion detectors. So the lamps only light up when you need them and the search for a switch is omitted.