LED strips

LED strips provide a glare-free and pleasant ambient light. Our wide range of products includes something suitable for everyone.

They're ideal for indirectly lighting
of a room or skilfully setting individual objects in scene. LED strips are probably the most versatile way to illuminate living areas, be it indoor or outdoor.

Our filter options help you find the perfect LED strips for your needs in no time at all. You decide whether you prefer various white tones or would like to choose from a range of colours. We recommend choosing RGB or RGBW as light colour. Neutral white or cold white are suitable for work areas and warm white light strips are especially suitable for living and sleeping areas. Dimmable LED strips make for a more comfortable feeling and adapt to your mood. Self-adhesive light strips can be mounted and removed without much effort. In addition, there are LED strips that can be shortened and / or extended, so you can easily adjust their length to your TV furniture, your sofa set or your bedroom furniture.

What's important when buying LED strips is to check whether it's a single light strip or a ready-to-connect set including power plug, transformer and remote control. Our range includes brands such as Philips, LifX, Paulmann, Osram, Eglo and Xiaomi. LED strips are an integral part of every smart home. Whether with Philips Hue, LifX Z, Osram Smart+ or Xiaomi Yeelight, everyone can find the right light strip for their own smart home ecosystem (Amazon Alexa, Google Assitant, Apple Siri, IFTTT or Microsoft Cortana).