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Classic floor vacuum cleaners use an air pump to create a partial vacuum to suck up dust, dirt and air. Bag vacuum cleaners filter the dust and dirt particles out of the air. Various attachments provide optimal cleaning for different surfaces such as hard floors, carpeting and upholstery.
Bagless vacuum cleaners (e.g. Dyson, Electrolux or Samsung) create centrifugal force in the air flow, which separates dust and particles from the air. Cyclones remove particles up to a size of 0.5 microns. In contrast to bag vacuum cleaners, their bagless counterparts have no suction loss. Furthermore, there are no additional costs as no bags are needed.

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Philips - SpeedPro FC6722/01

Philips - SpeedPro FC6726/01

Rowenta - Silent Force Multi-cyclonic 4A Animal Care

Philips - XC7043/01 Speed Pro Max

Miele - Complete C3 Cat & Dog Hardfloor PowerLine

Philips - FC8781/19 Performer Silent

Philips - SpeedPro Max FC6826/01

Miele - Blizzard CX1 Series 120

Miele - Triflex HX1

Dyson - V8 Absolute

Miele - Triflex HX1 Cat & Dog

Electrolux - PURE Q9 PQ91-ANIMA

Miele - Blizzard CX1 Parquet PowerLine

Miele - Complete C3 Parquet Plus PowerLine

Electrolux - UltraSilencer Zen EUS8GREEN

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