Tripods are simply a part of photographing. What's the matter with you? For long exposures and macro shooting, your DSLR, compact or system camera must be absolutely still. It's the only way to get shakeless and sharp pictures. A tripod also makes sense when travelling: the particularly light, compact and easily collapsible travel tripods are ideal for this purpose. No matter what your requirements and demands are, you are guaranteed to find the right camera tripod for you in our online shop. How do you find the right model for you?

Here's what you should think about: Are you looking for a small and light travel tripod or should it be a heavy but more stable model with high stability and carrying capacity? In addition to weight and stability, load-bearing capacity and flexibility are also decisive. While professional photographers tend to opt for sturdy photo tripods made of high-quality carbon or aluminium, ambitious amateur photographers usually find a flexible and flexible Gorillapod from Joby to be quite sufficient. The best known brands like Manfrotto with the Befree series, Cullmann, Hama and MeFoto each offer a different number of tripod legs. So-called monopod or tripod. Here the legs are mostly retractable to increase the compactness of the camera tripods. Also common DSLR tripods differ by the tripod head - here for example there is the ball head or the three-way panhead. Most tripods also differ in the methods used to fix the tripod legs - clamping or screw caps. Here the decision lies with you and surely depends on your preferences. Have a look in the category photo accessories for your ideal tripod and benefit from a lifetime warranty on Manfrotto tripods!

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    travel tripod (Carbon)
    Peak Design travel tripod (Carbon)
    travel tripod (Aluminium)
    Peak Design travel tripod (Aluminium)
    Compact Traveler No 1 C (Carbon)
    Rollei Compact Traveler No 1 C (Carbon)
    GorillaPod 3K Pro Kit (Aluminium)
    Joby GorillaPod 3K Pro Kit (Aluminium)
    Compact Traveler No. 1 (Aluminium)
    Rollei Compact Traveler No. 1 (Aluminium)
    C5i Carbon Orange (Carbon)
    Rollei C5i Carbon Orange (Carbon)
    C5i Carbon Black (Carbon)
    Rollei C5i Carbon Black (Carbon)
    Skirt Solid Beta Mark II (Carbon)
    Rollei Skirt Solid Beta Mark II (Carbon)
    GorillaPod 3K Kit (ABS plastic)
    Joby GorillaPod 3K Kit (ABS plastic)
    Extension Pole Tripod for DJI Osmo Pocket / Action (Plastic)
    Pgytech Extension Pole Tripod for DJI Osmo Pocket / Action (Plastic)
    SH-15 (Aluminium, Fibreglass)
    Sirui SH-15 (Aluminium, Fibreglass)
    HD-175 (Aluminium, Plastic)
    DÖRR HD-175 (Aluminium, Plastic)
    Scout MAX (Aluminium)
    Mantona Scout MAX (Aluminium)
    Compact Traveler Star S1 (Aluminium)
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    Rollei Compact Traveler Star S1 (Aluminium)
    Compact Traveler Mini M1 (Aluminium)
    Rollei Compact Traveler Mini M1 (Aluminium)
    GorillaPod Magnetic 325 (ABS plastic, Stainless steel)
    Joby GorillaPod Magnetic 325 (ABS plastic, Stainless steel)
    Cobra 2 C180 (Carbon)
    iFootage Cobra 2 C180 (Carbon)
    P-326 Professional (Carbon)
    Sirui P-326 Professional (Carbon)
    pro Easy 38 table & camera tripod (Aluminium)
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    Walimex pro Easy 38 table & camera tripod (Aluminium)
    Befree GT Carbon Fibre Tripod (Carbon)
    Manfrotto Befree GT Carbon Fibre Tripod (Carbon)

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