Best products in the Toast ovens category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Sage The Smart Oven Air Fry

With 10 intelligent cooking functions such as hot-air frying

With our Element iQ system, the Smart Oven Air Fryer delivers the ultimate in performance and versatility.
Smart algorithms create the ideal environment for hot air frying and 9 other cooking techniques. Higher temperatures and super convection speed up cooking time for deliciously crispy dishes. 

2. Severin To 2058

Versatile for the preparation of pizzas, fries, roasts or casseroles, for baking cakes, baking bread rolls and much more. Incl. pizza stone and with practical spit for meat and poultry. Optimum and uniform cooking and baking results thanks to circulating air function. 

3. Esperanza Combination halogen 12 L 1400 W Transparent white

QUASAR MINI CONVECTION OVEN Thanks to the original halogen heating, the Esperanza QUASAR oven saves time - food preparation can be up to 40% faster compared to the standard cooking method. The infrared rays generated heat the ingredients quickly, so they retain their nutritional value, vitamins and, above all, their natural aroma. Our oven is the perfect appliance for preparing low-fat meals. It is suitable for: Roasting, frying, braising, deep-frying, frying, heating and defrosting food. With the special ring included in the set, the capacity of the combi cooker increases to 6 litres. This allows you to prepare a larger amount of food while saving time and money - the QUASAR oven uses up to 45 % less energy than a conventional oven. 

Esperanza Combination halogen 12 L 1400 W Transparent white
Toast ovens

Esperanza Combination halogen 12 L 1400 W Transparent white

4. Ninja DT200EU Foodi 10-in-1 XL Multifunction Oven

The large capacity oven with 2 levels.The multifunction oven with super-fast preheating in just 90 seconds is up to 40% faster than a convection oven and prepares family meals in as little as 30 minutes. With 2 levels, it holds main course and side dishes at the same time to prepare a complete meal in no time. Roast a whole chicken with vegetables or bake two pizzas at the same time. Powerful convection distributes high-heat air throughout the oven for fast, crispy and even results. This is more than just an oven. With 10 cooking functions, it offers hot air fry, roast, roast XL, grill, bake, pizza, dehydrate, reheat, toast and bagel. With hot air frying, you need little to no extra oil Up to 75% less fat than conventional frying. 

Ninja DT200EU Foodi 10-in-1 XL Multifunction Oven
Toast ovens

Ninja DT200EU Foodi 10-in-1 XL Multifunction Oven

5. Koenig Baking grill with rotating spit, 30 litres

Baking grill with rotating spit, 30 litres

For baking, roasting and grilling

This baking grill is a real all-rounder: grilling, roasting, baking, toasting, gratinating
and much more. Thanks to the rotating spit, even chicken turns out perfectly with a juicy interior and crispy skin. Top and bottom heat, grill and circulating air can be easily set using the rotary switch, as can the temperature and the desired preparation time. The action can be observed from the outside thanks to the interior lighting through the double glass door. The interior is easy to clean thanks to galvanisation. 

Koenig Baking grill with rotating spit, 30 litres
Toast ovens

Koenig Baking grill with rotating spit, 30 litres

6. Ohmex OVN-4888 HP

Ohmex air-electric stove 48 liters with 2 hotplates, 60 min. timer and light

7. Severin Toast oven TO 2045

Top and bottom heat can be switched separately or combined. Also ideal for large pizzas and cake tins with a diameter of up to 28 cm. 60 minute timer with signal tone after the end of the preselected time. 

8. Rommelsbacher BG 1620

This versatile bake & grill oven turns small kitchens and kitchenettes into fully-fledged kitchens. It can do everything a large one can and is also mobile. It is therefore also quickly ready for use as an additional appliance in the kitchen or on the terrace. Thanks to the XL baking chamber, moulds up to 36 cm Ø can be used. Seven different heating functions offer a variety of uses and the temperature is infinitely variable. The BG 1620 offers two grill functions and can be used to gratinate large areas to a crispy crust or to brown roasts and chicken perfectly on a rotating spit. Depending on your requirements, you can use the oven in individual continuous operation or select the practical timer mode (up to 90 minutes), with an acoustic signal to remind you when the timer has expired. The interior lighting and the large, double-glazed door ensure optimum control during roasting and baking. The energy-saving design ensures contemporary performance and energy efficiency as well as a short heat-up time. The high-quality enamelling of the baking chamber and the practical cover for the lower heating element reduce cleaning work to a minimum.\nThis is how you roast and bake today... 

9. Clatronic Mini oven MB 3746

Adaptable, versatile and elegantly designed, microwaves fit into any kitchen and any cooking style.

10. Caso 3066 Steamer Small Touch

- Compact freestanding steam oven for gentle cooking, roasting and baking\n- Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside thanks to 11 individually adjustable functions\n- Versatile thanks to steam cooking, hot air, top heat, bottom heat, grilling, defrosting and various combination programs\n- Temperature adjustable in 10°C steps from 40°C to 220°C\n- Steam function adjustable in 5°C steps from 80°C to 115°C\n- In addition: 10 preset programs for the perfect preparation of e. g.B.: Fish, vegetables, cakes, chicken etc.\n- Easy and intuitive operation through the LED display and the sensor touch control panel\n- High quality 25 litre stainless steel cooking chamber\n- Removable water tank (capacity: 1,2 l)\n- Insulated glass front with high quality design aluminium handle\n- Precise timer function from 1 min. to 3 hours (in 1-minute steps)\n- Bright, switchable interior lighting\n- Easy and quick cleaning of the interior thanks to the integrated cleaning program.