Best products in the Presenters category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Logitech R500

With the plug-and-play Presenter R500, you can navigate slides from up to 20 m away and use the laser dot to present. The R500 features a 3-button design that eliminates confusion and fits securely in your hand with a comfortable fit. Now you can effortlessly and confidently lead through your next presentation.

You can customize buttons, check battery life, and set an onscreen timer in the Logitech Presentation app. R500 works plug-and-play with most devices, operating systems and leading presentation software. Connect the R500 to the USB receiver or via Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

2. Logitech Spotlight Plus

You can use the cursor on the screen to play and pause videos and open links. Instantly connects via the USB receiver or Bluetooth.

3. Logitech Spotlight

A combination of minimalist design and advanced features makes it as user-friendly as it is presentable. Perfect time management from the first to the last slide. Set timing milestones in the app and trigger vibration alarms directly in your hand. Highlight like never before with Spotlight's advanced pointer system. Select your preferred mode to highlight or enlarge certain areas in high resolution (Available through the Logitech Presentation App).

Use the cursor on the screen to play and pause videos, open links and interact with a variety of content. You no longer have to interrupt the presentation to use a mouse or go to a notebook.

Spotlight connects instantly via USB receiver or Bluetooth Smart. The Presenter works on most platforms via Plug&Play and is compatible with all common presentation apps. It is also rechargeable and has a range of 100 feet (30m). Perfect time management from the first to the last slide. Set timing milestones in the app and trigger vibration alarms directly in your hand.

4. Hama X-Pointer 6in1

Wireless 2.4 GHz technology with a range of up to 15 meters: allows a dynamic way of presentation by moving completely freely in the room. Red laser perfect for highlighting important points in darkened environments. Air mouse function: turns the presenter into a wireless PC mouse and allows right and left mouse button commands, as well as mouse pointer control. Stowable USB receiver can be transported in the case to save space. 

5. Logitech R500s Graphite

Give impressive presentations with the R500s Laser Presenter. You can move freely and control the slide navigation from up to 20 metres away, and use the red laser pointer to highlight areas of particular interest. R500s is optimized for Windows, macOS and popular presentation software.

Class 1 laser device.

6. Hama Spot-Pointer

Present, focus and convince - instead of chaotically waving the laser pointer around. The innovative presentation remote control helps you to attract attention and bring arguments to the point. By the way: The digital presenter can also be used for video calls. 

7. Kensington K75241EU

The Kensington wireless presenter with virtual pointer is ideal for online meetings with PowerPoint presentations. It's convenient and easy to use and requires no software installation. Features such as a virtual laser pointer, highlighter and black and white screen modes are already built into Microsoft PowerPoint. Now everyone in the room can see the pointer exactly as intended, using web meeting tools such as WebEx, GoToMeeting, Skype and, this is even possible with external participants in online meetings.the connection to the computer is wireless via a 2.4 GHz radio receiver at a distance of up to 15 m and is AES 128 encrypted. The presenter has an integrated rechargeable battery and can be recharged via the micro-USB cable included in the scope of delivery. A full charge is sufficient for up to 40 hours of use. 

8. Microsoft Surface Presenter+

With Microsoft Presenter+, you can confidently give engaging presentations and join meetings simply by pressing a button. A longer press on the Teams button provides virtual hand raising or lowering during meetings. Conveniently navigate your slides, direct the audience's attention and quickly turn mute on and off. 

Microsoft Surface Presenter+
37.90was 40.80

Microsoft Surface Presenter+

9. Dicota D30933-V1

Thanks to its non-slip surface, the ergonomically shaped presenter sits well in the hand. With a radio range of 10 metres, you can make the best use of the room. The navigation buttons make it easy to use and thanks to Plug and Play via USB receiver you don't need any driver software. 

10. Kensington K33373EU

Divert the attention of the audience like a professional. The wireless presenter does not have a laser pointer, so it can be used for presentations in environments where a laser is not permitted. With the 4-button design, you can easily navigate between your PowerPoint or Keynote slides, hide the screen or play a slide show. You have complete control over your presentation from up to 20 meters away.