Headset Accessories

In the realm of headset accessories, customers can find an impressive selection designed to enhance their auditory experience, accompanied by the convenience of advanced technology integrations. We offer a curated array of products from the industry's most reputable brands, ensuring compatibility and quality performance.

Starting with Kuando, discerning users looking for optimal integration with Microsoft Lync need to look no further than the Alpha Microsoft Lync—an accessory heralded for its seamless communication capabilities. Jabra, a household name recognized for its innovation in audio solutions, offers the Ladeständer für Evolve 65—an essential companion for keeping your device charged and ready for use.

Next in our lineup, Poly stands out with their revolutionary Adapter BT600 which effortlessly bridges your devices, offering wireless connectivity that is both stable and swift. This is particularly beneficial for users who seek freedom from cords without sacrificing sound fidelity.

For those looking for top-notch docking solutions, Yealink's WHC60 is the go-to product. It not only provides a secure location for your headset but also ensures it is charged and ready at all times, enhancing productivity and ease of use.

Lastly, TwelveSouth caters to the adventurous listener with its AirFly Gen2 SE, a wireless transmitter that breathes new life into traditional audio jacks, allowing Bluetooth headphones to connect to various devices that would otherwise be restricted to wired connections.

Our online shop is stacked with these and many other headset accessories to complement your auditory gadgets. Whether for professional telecommunication, personal entertainment, or the sheer joy of experiencing superior sound quality, we provide the perfect additions to elevate your audio gear.