Best products in the Multimeter category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. InLine Multimeter 5 in 1

The 5-in-1 multimeter combines not only the standard electrical measurement variables but also temperature, humidity, brightness and volume measurement in one device.

2. InLine Multimeter

The meter is a digital handheld multimeter with 3.5 digit display for measuring DC and AC voltages, DC current, resistance, diodes, temperature and continuity test. 9V battery not included. 

3. CoreParts Multimeter

CoreParts Multimeter - AC/DC/A (MOBX-TOOLS-031).

4. Voltcraft VC131 Digital Multimeter

The Voltcraft VC131 handheld multimeter is your rugged entry-level instrument for many measurement tasks. The manual measuring range selection enables measurement and measured value display with a specified resolution. With the voltage measuring range up to 600 V, you can also perform professional tasks reliably and safely. Other performance features such as resistance measurement, diode and continuity test and the hold function testify to the high level of technology of your measuring instrument. Reliable measurement results with factory calibration As part of quality assurance, a factory standard calibration is performed for all Voltcraft meters in the production of the meter. This ensures high quality and compliance with the tolerance limits as specified in the technical data of the operating instructions. A certificate is not issued in this process. 

Voltcraft VC131 Digital Multimeter (CAT III 600V)

Voltcraft VC131 Digital Multimeter



5. Peaktech P 3440 Graphic digital multimeter

The PeakTech 3440 is an innovative graphic multimeter with a 50,000 digit color TFT display for particularly precise measurements with a high DC basic accuracy of 0.05%. The internal data logger allows measured value recordings over a period of several hours and subsequent transfer to a Windows PC. Internally stored measured value recordings can also be called up on the multimeter itself or on the PC as a progression curve and displayed graphically. Via Bluetooth, the measured values can also be displayed live via app for Android and iOS devices, recorded in tabular form and, for example, sent by e-mail for further processing. This multimeter has a wide range of measurement functions for DC and AC voltage measurements (incl. ACV+DCV), DC and AC current measurements, resistance, capacitance, frequency or even temperature, whereby AC voltage and AC current are recorded as true RMS values. Due to the extensive measuring functions and the intuitive operation, this device is excellently suited for every electronics technician, technician and engineer who place the highest value on a precise, indestructible and technically powerful multimeter. 

Peaktech P 3440 Graphic digital multimeter (CAT III 1000V, CAT IV 600V)

Peaktech P 3440 Graphic digital multimeter

CAT III 1000V, CAT IV 600V


6. Voltcraft VC191

The Voltcraft Hand Multimeter VC 191 is your multimeter with absolute top features in the compact VC 100 series. Impedance switching The LoZ function allows you to measure AC voltages with low impedance. The lower internal resistance of the meter reduces measurement deviations due to stray and ghost voltages. Switchable low-pass filter (LPF) With digitally controlled motors, unwanted modulated control signals are ignored for measurement. Delta measurement For measuring deviations of a given value. In this way, one can concentrate on the positive and negative changes and does not have to constantly calculate. Duty Cycle Also called Duty Cyle allows to determine the percentage value between ON (pulse) and OFF for phase angle controls, switching power supplies and other digitally switched devices. Min Max The maximum and minimum values of a measurement series are stored and displayed. Start-up peaks Very short signal events, lasting just one millisecond, are reliably logged. Razor-sharp display Impressive, clearly readable EBTN display in bright surroundings as well as in the dark. With a display diagonal of 5.6 cm (2.2 inches), all digits and symbols are displayed much larger, thus avoiding reading errors. Display and key protection Discreetly integrated edges protect the display, the rotary switch and all keys. An elaborately produced 2-component housing with integrated soft-rubber protection not only ensures a good grip, but also protects the meter during harder use. Tilt-resistant The wide support surface made of soft rubber provides significantly more stability when the stand is folded out. Non-slip Lying and standing with measuring leads connected - the measuring instrument remains in position. 

7. Testo Multi-data logger 174H

High data integrity, even when the battery is empty. Compact and resistant. Conforms to EN12830
Flashing alarm for low and high level on the display. Data transmission
to PC via USB interface. A USB docking station is required to operate the Testo 174. It is included in the 174H starter kit order no. 712-5471. Download software free of charge at 

8. Joy-it USB Type C Multimeter 3.5 to 24 Volt

The TC66C is a small but multifunctional USB-C multimeter. Due to the support of current Quick Charge standards, it can also be used in conjunction with current handheld hardware without any problems. 

Joy-it USB Type C Multimeter 3.5 to 24 Volt

Joy-it USB Type C Multimeter 3.5 to 24 Volt


9. SW-Stahl digital multimeter

The SW steel 32230L digital multimeter is the ideal aid for measurements and maintenance work on vehicle electrics as well as for quiescent current testing. With measuring ranges from 200v-600v at AC voltage, 200mv-600v at DC voltage, as well as a general current measuring range from 0, 2 to 10A and again at 0, 2 - 2000 kω this multimeter is universally applicable. Ceramic fuses (20 mm long, 5 mm diameter, 500 V, 250 mA/10A) and a measuring cable with touch protection also ensure safety when working with the multimeter. The automatic overflow and polar day display warns you reliably and helps you to avoid possible mistakes. Temperatures from -20° C to +120° C can be measured with the temperature probe. With the "hold" button, the measured value can be recorded on the display so that you can concentrate on the measuring point and then read the value. 

10. Peaktech P 1670 current clamp meter

The PeakTech 1670 is a current clamp for AC and DC currents up to 1000 A. The illuminated LCD display with 50000 digits ensures a precise measurement result with high basic accuracy and measurement resolution. Current and voltage measurements are made as True RMS (true effective value) measurements. The integrated Bluetooth interface allows measured values to be logged on a Windows PC or cell phone via app, enabling a wide range of applications in moving equipment, security areas or hard-to-reach places. In addition, this model has extensive multimeter functions for voltage, resistance, frequency, capacitance and temperature measurement. Continuity tests with audible signal and diode tests can also be performed. This current clamp is especially suitable for the electronics professional or industrial user due to its high precision, Bluetooth interface, functionality and ease of use. 

Peaktech P 1670 current clamp meter (CAT II 1000V, CAT III 600V)

Peaktech P 1670 current clamp meter

CAT II 1000V, CAT III 600V