Best products in the Massage guns category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Beurer MG 180

The MG 180 muscle massager from Beurer contributes to activation and regeneration through targeted muscle massage. 6 massage attachments enable tailored use. Its ergonomic shape and comfortable handle make it easy to use. 

2. Blackroll Fascia Gun

Do you want to treat yourself and your muscles to a soothing massage in between? Prevent sore muscles after a training session? Or prepare yourself optimally for your workout? With its 4 massage levels, the Fascia Gun fascia gun provides you with an effective vibration massage according to your needs: Release muscle stiffness; promote blood circulation; improve regeneration; intensify warm-up. With four interchangeable attachments, you can customize and diversify the use of the Fascia Gun. At home, in the gym or while traveling - the handy and lightweight design allows you a flexible use. The levels 1 "Relax Mode" and 2 "Post Exercise Mode" are below 30 Hz. These are particularly suitable for regeneration, to gently relieve tension and to simply treat yourself to a soothing massage in between. Level 3 "Pre Exercise Mode" and 4 "Pro Mode" are mainly suitable for activating the muscles and are therefore the perfect preparation before the training session. 

3. Beurer MG 99

With the stylish massage gun, tensions can be loosened in a targeted manner. The massage gun impresses with its lightness and ergonomic shape for a comfortable treatment.

4. Taotronics TT-PCA003

Ultra-long runtime: 6 batteries, each with a capacity of 2600mAh, keep the device running for 4h on a full charge and up to 10h in standby; auto shutoff after 15 minutes of continuous use to protect against overheating. 10 Adjustable Speeds: 24W powerful torque motor delivers 1400 to 3200 strokes per minute to reach up to 12mm deep tissue and promote blood circulation for effective muscle relaxation after exercise. 6 Special Massage Attachments: Interchangeable attachments in 6 shapes designed for specific muscle groups for faster recovery; easily and quickly replaceable in seconds. Quiet Operation: 24V brushless motor and high quality bearing provide near whisper-quiet massage operation for use in the office or gym without disturbing others. Convenient Travel Case: Comes with a PU travel case to keep all parts neat and easy to store. 

5. Hyperice Hypervolt

The original Hyperice Hypervolt - connected to the Hyperice App via Bluetooth. Connect the Hypervolt Bluetooth to the Hyperice app (IOS , Android), start your recovery program and let HyperSmart technology do the thinking. The speed adjusts as you walk through the guided programs so you can focus on the massage. The Hypervolt Bluetooth is the original vibration massager from Hyperice. In addition to the great ease of use and futuristic design, the outstanding feature of the Hypervolt is the Quiet Glide technology. It allows the tissue to be treated with up to 3200 beats per minute. Muscle stiffness and soreness are relieved and the blood circulation, range of motion and general health of the soft tissue is improved. In concrete terms, the Hypervolt Bluetooth helps you to achieve improved mobility, significantly shorter recovery times and faster healing after muscle injuries. The Quiet Glide technology is long established in the top leagues of American professional sports. With the Hypervolt Bluetooth it is possible to make this therapy available for the first time. The built-in pressure sensor technology provides visual feedback during the entire massage process to ensure that the most efficient pressure is used. 

6. SPC MG-06S

Powerful massager for all applications: The massage gun can make your body healthier and fitter than ever before. Percussion massager for trigger points and muscle relaxation, ideal for sore muscles after strenuous exercise. 6 different massage heads meet all your needs for a full body treatment: Cartridge shaped head: suitable for joints, deep tissues and trigger points U-shaped head: suitable for neck and spine Round head: suitable for large muscle groups Conical head: suitable for precise massage of pain points with high irritation Flat head: suitable for any part of the body Listrik head: suitable for the lower back. Has 5 speed settings, from 1200 rpm to 3200 rpm. 24V DC brushless motor and double bearing transmission. The massage gun is low noise. 

7. Hyperice Hypervolt 2

8. Swiss SPCMG-MiniB

Powerful percussion massager helps relax tight and tired muscles after exercise or physical activity. 4 different massage heads meet all your needs for a full body treatment: Ball head: suitable for joints, deep tissues and trigger points U-shaped head: suitable for neck and spine Round head: suitable for large muscle groups Flat head: suitable for any part of the body 4 speed settings Low noise 5-hour battery life USB-C charging plug Professional portable design, light weight (600 g) Product video. 

9. ChiroGun Mini 3.0

The latest massage gun in a small format with 8 attachments, which makes self-massage even easier. Powerful 24 W motor, which is barely audible at 35 decibels. Due to the low weight of half a kilo and the handy size, the massage gun fits into every hand luggage and sports bag.

The ChiroGun MINI PRO can easily be operated comfortably with one hand and thus offers relaxation, pain relief and regeneration anytime and anywhere. It has 8 different attachments and a beautiful storage case with zipper and ribbon. This makes the ChiroGun MINI Pro perfect for all ambitious sportswomen, masseurs, therapists and active people who demand more performance from themselves and their training equipment.

Thanks to the latest technology, the ChiroGun MINI PRO is very quiet and the four massage levels of 1200, 1800, 2400 and 3300 shocks per minute (20, 30, 40, 55 Hz) can help you optimise the structures of your tissue and release trigger points as well as hard tension cords.

10. Tunturi Mini Massage Gun

Perfect for underway, easy to carry in a bag or suitcase and relaxing in application: With the Tunturi Massage Gun Min (14TUSYO067), muscle tenseness and pain from sport and everyday life can easily and comfortably be treated. This small massage pistol weighs just 460 grams and has the height of a cell phone. So much the more this massage gun convinces with its power and long operating time of up to 4 hours, because of its strong 3-cell rechargeable lithium battery. This accumulator can be restored by the USB-C cable, just like a cell phone, at a cell phone charger, PC, laptop computer or power bank. The 6 different speed levels (1400 - 2800 rpm), can easily be adjusted and are shown at the LED display. The operation is extremely silent with just around 45 - 50 db. Next to relieving of muscle tension, the Tunturi Massage Gun Mini is the ideal tool for warming up before workouts, better blood circulation as well as for a better muscle regeneration after training. Included are 3 different head pieces, which make this massage gun suitable for the whole body. Also included is the well protecting bag and an USB-C charging cable. Necessary for charging is a USB port. By the way: The Tunturi Massage Gun Mini is compatible with the head pieces of its big brother, the large Tunturi Massage Gun.