EMS + TENS device

EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation):
To move, our brain transmits bioelectric impulses directly to the muscles through the nerve fibers. With electrical muscle stimulation
(electromyostimulation), the muscles are stimulated by light electrical impulses and the natural process is imitated. The muscle cannot distinguish between the command from the brain or from the muscle stimulator. By using muscle stimulators, the muscles can be trained, the body can be shaped, and regeneration can be supported. Regardless of age and athletic level, an EMS device can be used to train and increase performance due to the various training programs and pulse strengths. EMS devices are easy to use, small and handy. A muscle stimulator can be easily taken to competitions, training or traveling. By alternately placing the electrodes, individual priorities can be set and specific muscle groups can be trained in a targeted manner.

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation):
Non-painful electrical impulses are transmitted to the surface of the skin via electrodes. This stimulates the skin or nerve directly over the painful area. The aim of this therapy is to influence stimulation pathways of the nervous system in such a way that pain transmission to the brain is reduced or prevented. The pain threshold is to be raised by the TENS. On the other hand, descending inhibitory nerve pathways are to be stimulated and the release of endorphins is to be increased. These devices are also handy and can be used mobile.