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1. SmallRig Sling Handle

Camera accessory type: Camera accessories, Detail colour: Black.

2. DJI Camera mount

The DJI R Vertical Camera Mount provides reliable vertical shooting for extended periods of time with the DJI RS 2. Replace the original camera mounting plate with the vertical mount and balance the camera. 

3. SmallRig Handgrip

SmallRig Sling Handgrip for DJI RS 2/RSC 2 SmallRig Sling Handgrip for DJI RS 2 / RSC 2 3028 is designed to reduce arm fatigue when shooting at low angles and offers multiple options for accessory mounting. Equipped with a NATO connector for connection and an anti-removal bolt for safe and fast operation. Multiple 1/4"-20 and ARRI 3/8" -16 threads are integrated on the handle for mounting Magic Arm 2115 and Monitor Mount 2903. Features a 1/4"-20 thread with two positioning holes compatible with the original DJI RS 2 smartphone mount. With two cold shoe mounts on the top and side of the handle, it can be mounted with Wireless Go, Sound Receiver and Monitor Mount 2905. The angle of the handle can be adjusted to 180 ° via a ratchet knob and used as a side handle to meet the requirements for different shooting scenarios. It can work together with the SmallRig shoulder strap 2466. Key Features:1. Designed for DJI RS 2 / RSC 2 gimbal.2. Allows low-angle shooting and reduces arm fatigue.3. Built-in 1/4"-20 thread, ARRI 3/8" -16 positioning holes and cold shoe mounting.4.Tighten with a ratchet knob that is angle adjustable to 180 ° and can be used as a side handle.5. Built-in NATO rail with anti-removal spring bolt. Compatibility:DJI RS 2DJI RSC 2 Package contents:1 x Handle Product dimensions: 134 x 42 x 52.5mmPackage dimensions: 210 x 55 x 55mmNet weight: 295gPackage weight: 342gMaterial: aluminium alloy,silicone. 

4. SmallRig Dual Handgrip for DJI RS 2/RSC 2 - 3027


SmallRig Dual Handgrip for DJI RS 2/RSC 2 - 3027 (Gimbal handle)
Gimbal accessories
121.– CHF

SmallRig Dual Handgrip for DJI RS 2/RSC 2 - 3027

Gimbal handle

5. DJI Focus Pro LiDAR

For the first time, DJI is introducing a LiDAR focus system as a stand-alone product, bringing creative focussing capabilities to a wide audience.

The LiDAR focus
distance for people has now been extended to 20 metres. This is about three times as much as the previous generation. Shooting with telephoto lenses is effortless, and the extra-wide 70° field of view makes it easy to realise edge compositions and close-ups for more artistic freedom.

The improved LiDAR now has 76,800 measuring points, 77% more than the previous generation. Recognition of human outlines has been improved, while objects can be focussed more easily. With a LiDAR refresh rate of 30 Hz, the focus remains reliably constant even when the subject moves quickly.

6. SmallRig Monitor Mount with NATO Clamp for DJI RS 2/RSC 2 - 3026

SmallRig Monitor Mount with NATO Clamp for DJI RS 2/RSC 2 3026 is designed for adding accessories on both sides of the stabilizer, such as to monitor, light, sound receiver, wireless device, action camera, etc. Monitor mount can be installed on two sides of the stabilizer by NATO clamp and features an anti-removal stud to protect your devices from falling. There are two 1/4”-20 threaded holes on top of the monitor mount, and one 1/4 threaded hole on side of it, which can be attached with Magic Arm 2163 for action camera or other rigs. On top and bottom of it, there is one cold shoe mount that can be attached with a sound receiver, microphone, light, etc. The monitor mount is adjustable for 165° and can be stopped at any angle. With its compact structure and consistent design to match RS 2, it is a perfect match with the stabilizer. 

SmallRig Monitor Mount with NATO Clamp for DJI RS 2/RSC 2 - 3026 (Gimbal mount)
Gimbal accessories
72.90 CHF

SmallRig Monitor Mount with NATO Clamp for DJI RS 2/RSC 2 - 3026

Gimbal mount

7. SmallRig Cold Shoe Halterung

The SmallRig Phone Holder for DJI Gimbals 4301 is an essential accessory that extends the versatility of your DJI gimbal. It allows you to securely and stably mount your smartphone to use additional apps, monitor footage or create live streams. With a simple attachment to the side of your gimbal, you can easily switch your phone to landscape or portrait mode and set the perfect shooting angle. The robust aluminium alloy, stainless steel and silicone construction ensures secure attachment and a load capacity of up to 500g. In addition, the Phone Holder has practical extras such as a cold shoe mount for microphone or light and a 1/4-20 threaded hole for additional accessories. Maximise the potential of your DJI gimbal with the SmallRig Phone Holder. 

8. DJI The Raven Eye

The DJI Ronin RavenEye image transfer system enables live camera view and ActiveTrack 3.0 on the DJI RS 2, transferring the live camera view directly to the touchscreen and Ronin App. When used with DJI RSC 2, RavenEye allows remote control of the gimbal, image control and ActiveTrack 3.0, but the integrated screen cannot be used to transmit the live camera view. The system is mounted on the gimbal and connected to the camera via HDMI cable and to the smartphone via Wi-Fi. 

9. Zhiyun MasterEye Visual Controller VC100

Zhiyun MasterEye Visual Controller VC100 (Gimbal remote control)
Gimbal accessories
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293.– CHF was 342.– CHF

Zhiyun MasterEye Visual Controller VC100

Gimbal remote control

10. Tilta Lightweight Gimbal Support Vest

The Tilta Lightweight Gimbal Support Vest is specifically designed to support smaller handheld gimbals for extended periods of time.

The waistcoat features a height-adjustable
adapter that allows you to attach the DJI RS2, RSC2, RS3 or RS3 Pro via the underside of the battery grip or the tripod with extended handle.

The waistcoat also combines perfectly with Tilta's optional Dual Handle Brackets, which connect to the gimbal and support straps to attach the handles to the waistcoat. This creates multiple points of contact so you can work more comfortably and stably.