Top-rated products in the Softbox + Reflector accessories category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Godox S-R1 round reflector

This adapter allows the Godox AK-R1 accessory kit for round flash heads to be used on conventional rectangular flash heads such as the Godox V860II and TT865 flash units. With integrated magnet for attaching accessories. 

2. Nanlite Straightening grids for PavoTube II 6C

This grid is clamped around the PavoTube II 6C to minimize light spill to the side and improve alignment. Excellent for selectively illuminating subjects. Attaches quickly and easily and folds flat for storage and transport. 

3. Walimex Beauty Dish Diffuser, 50cm

This diffuser is the suitable and practical addition to your Beauty Dish 50cm. It helps you to additionally influence the light characteristics, as it makes the light even softer and more pleasant in a quick way. The diffuser is simply slipped over the Beauty Dish and thus helps you to achieve a softer illumination within seconds. 

4. Nanlite Waterproof bag for PavoTube II 6C

Waterproof up to 20 meters. This waterproof case provides a safe option for using the PavoTube II 6C underwater or in the rain.

5. Nanlite Waterproof bag for LitoLite 5C

Waterproof up to 20 meters. This waterproof case provides a safe option for using the LitoLite 5C underwater or in the rain.

6. Godox G120

Honeycomb attachment for parabolic softbox 120 cm, suitable for Godox P120L Octa parabolic softbox.

7. Lastolite Skylite Rapid Kit

The rectangluar Medium panel is a very versatile size, easily mounted onto a single light stand (using the optional Skylite Rapid Griphead) or light enough to be hand held. It is available in kit form or as individual components allowing you to build your own configurations. The covers available for the MEDIUM frame include: 0.75 stop diffuser, 1.25 stop diffuser, silver/white, black/white, sunfire/white and black velvet. The Skylite panels are the go to solution for location imagemakers who need to diffuse or reflect their light source in the most demanding situations. The lightweight, rapid assembly aluminium rigid frame offers ultimate stability even in windy conditions, whilst the clip on covers offer a complete range of diffusion and reflective surfaces. Each framework collapses down into a neat, compact and very portable rigid carry case. An elastic cord runs through the aluminium making it impossible to lose parts or leave anything behind. 

8. Nanlite T12 bracket

The NanLite Pavotube Single T12 LED Tube Holder with Swivel Ball Joint and 5/8in Baby Pin. Designed to hold a single Pavotube 15C or 30C, this holder terminates in a 5/8in baby pin compatible with all standard grip heads and features a swivel ball joint for articulation. 

9. Godox S2 type Bracket Bowens + Softbox 80x80cm + Grid

Godox S2 type Bracket Bowens +.

10. Walimex Screw terminal

Quite versatile and really sophisticated is this convenient Screw Clamp from Walimex pro. The item combines a screwing and clamping device, which provides good services in your studio. With the screwing device you can fasten rods, plates and much more with a thickness of up to 3,5cm, this is for instance ideal for tripods or shooting tables. The connected Clamp holds backgrounds, reflectors and Co. fast. Therewith, the product provides a lot of opportunities with a minimum of space.