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1. Aten CS22DP: USB DP KVM Switch, 2Port

Aten KVM Switch CS22DP, Number of devices: 2, KVM Type: Local, Mounting: Desktop, Resolution Max.: 2560 x 1600 (WQXGA), Computer Ports: USB 2.0, DisplayPort, 3.5 mm headphone jack, 3.5 mm microphone input, console ports: USB 2.0, DisplayPort, 3.5 mm headphone jack, 3.5 mm. 

2. Aten 2L-5202U

PC connectors: HDB and USB, console connectors: 3 in 1 SPHD (keyboard/mouse/monitor), length: 1.8 m.

Compatible products:
CE700A, CL1308, CL1316, CL3000, CL5708,
CL5716, CL5800, CL5808, CL5816, CN8000, CS1308, CS1316, CS1708A, CS1708i, CS1716A, CS1716i, CS1742, CS1744, CS231, CS82U, CS84U, IP8000, KA9233, KL1100, CL1758, CS1708, CS1716, KL3116, KL3116T. 

3. Aten KA7570 VGA

Aten KVM cable KA7570, usable up to 40m distance, supports resolutions up to 1600 x 1200, keyboard and mouse emulation, firmware update guaranteed for lifetime, hot plugging, resolutions 1680x1050 and 1920x1200 (excluding image area) are supported by the KVM adapter. 

4. Aten 2L-5203UP

1 cable set USB & VGA for KVM switches with integrated PS/2 to USB converter: Aten ACS1208A, ACS1216A, CE250A, CE252, CL1000, CL1008, CS72E, CS74E, CS74E, KH0116, KL1100, KL9108, KL9116, KN9108, KN9116 

5. Aten KA7169

Aten KVM cable KA7169, Displayport&USB.

6. Aten HDMI EDID Emulator

ATEN VC081A True 4K HDMI EDID Emulator.

7. Aten KA7168: HDMI to KVM adapter cable

Aten KVM cable KA7168, HDMI&USB.

8. Delock Infrared receiver

This infrared receiver from Delock is an accessory for Delock KVM switches that are prepared for connection. The compact IR receiver makes it possible to control Delock KVM switches with the IR remote control when there is no direct line of sight, e.g. to reach permanently installed devices. Connection: 1 x 3.5 mm 3 pin jack plug. 

Delock Infrared receiver
KVM switch cables
Quantity discount
10.60per piece for 2 units

Delock Infrared receiver


9. Aten KA7166: DVI to KVM adapter cable

Aten KVM Cable KA7166-AX DVI&USB.

10. Trendnet KVM cable set DisplayPort USB 6 feet

Trendnet TK-CP06 Keyboard/Video/Mouse (KVM) Cable (TK-CP06).