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1. DJI Ronin-SC

Ronin-SC opens up possibilities for filmmakers and content creators in almost any situation and is designed to go anywhere. Magnesium and aluminum construction and high-strength composites provide rugged performance at just 1.1 kg. With a modular, quick-assembly design, Ronin-SC packs neatly into tight spaces and can be transported with ease. Ronin-SC supports a wide range of cameras and lenses while meeting rigorous performance standards. It has been rigorously tested to support a 2.0 kg payload and still deliver smooth, cinematic shooting.

Intuitive and user-friendly shutter and focus controls are also available for most camera brands. Even in action-packed scenes, Ronin-SC delivers a perfectly stable shot. Sport mode enhances the sensitivity of each axis while maintaining stabilization, making Ronin-SC more effective when dealing with fast following movements, sudden movements and even complete changes in direction. An innovative frame increases the camera's payload over the roll axis and keeps the camera's integrated display clear of obstructions. After DJI introduced this concept, it was used throughout the handheld gimbal industry.

The roll axis allows for continuous movement, freeing the camera for more challenging shots. Options like an infinite 360° roll allow filmmakers to capture completely unique shots. The buttons and shutter release are easily accessible for any essential control. A flared battery grip makes it easier to hold for longer and is slip-resistant, so you can capture moments throughout the day.

2. SmallRig L Bracket Nikon Z6 and Nikon Z7

SmallRig L-Bracket for Nikon Z6 and Nikon Z7 Camera apl2258 is a modular design with anti-twist flanges to keep the camera from twisting. The bottom plate add 16.5mm height based on the original handgrip for pinky support. Both the base plate and side plate are Arca-type compatible dovetail plates enable the camera to mount in a vertical or horizontal position. It features a sensor centering line on each axis to align the camera on a tripod head and maintains complete access to the camera's battery and ports. The side plate can be extended to left if more room is needed for tethering or cable release. An included hex wrench on the bottom is used to tighten and adjust the L-bracket. Additionally, it is compatible with the Peak Design strap and include a hand strap loop on the right side. Furthermore, 1/4"-20 mounting holes are located on the side and bottom for accessory attachment, such as Cold Shoe Mount 1593. The front of the baseplate comes with two M4 screws for FTZ Adapter Mount 2244 to protect the lens port. 

3. SmallRig Sling Handgrip for DJI RS 2/RSC 2 - 3028

La poignée Smallrig 3028 améliore la tenue du stabilisateur et permet la fixation d'accessoires et supports. Elle est compatible avec les stabilisateurs DJI RS 2 et DJI RSC 2.Avec cette poignée, filmer à ras du sol ou en contre-plongée n'aura jamais été aussi facilité. De plus cette poignée est ajustable selon un angle de 180°Des supports 1/4", ARRI 3/8" et support à griffe sont disponibles pour l'installation d'accessoires. Caractéristiques techniques:-Compatible DJI RS 2 et DJI RSC 2-Support aluminum et silicone-Charge maxi 6 Kg-Légère et résistante, ne pèse que 295 g Inclus dans la livraison: 1x Poignée. 

SmallRig Sling Handgrip for DJI RS 2/RSC 2 - 3028 (Gimbal handle)
Gimbal accessories
72.90 CHF

SmallRig Sling Handgrip for DJI RS 2/RSC 2 - 3028

Gimbal handle

4. Pgytech Osmo Pocket PRO

Universal smartphone holder for the DJI OSMO Pocket. Secure fixation on smartphone prevents damage to the interface due to buckling. 1/4" connector for expansion with accessories such as LED lights, microphones, handles or tripods. 

5. DJI Ronin-S/SC Handle Mount

The Ronin-S/SC Handgrip Mount lets you work comfortably in briefcase mode. It's made of high-strength aluminum alloy and features a two-stage quick-release design for mounting and convenient storage. There are multiple expansion ports, including three 1/4" ARRI ports and two accessory shoe ports. Monitors, smartphones and microphones can be connected simultaneously if needed. 

6. SmallRig Counterweight Mounting Clamp Kit

SmallRig Counterweight & Mounting Clamp Kit for DJI Ronin-S/Ronin-SC and Zhiyun WEEBILL-S/CRANE Series BSS2465 is designed to balance left side-heavy camera on your gimbal, such as BMPCC 4k and 6K camera. The clamp secures to the side arm of gimbals via a knob for quick release attachment and detachment. The adjustable range of the clamp is from 15mm and up to 27mm so that it’s compatible with most popular gimbals in the market. It features 4 x 1/4"-20 holes for mounting counterweights. 

SmallRig Counterweight Mounting Clamp Kit (Gimbal counterweight)
Gimbal accessories
58.– CHF

SmallRig Counterweight Mounting Clamp Kit

Gimbal counterweight

7. SmallRig Counterweight

SmallRig counterweight (200g) for DJI Ronin S and Zhiyun cardan stabilizer 2285 is designed to balance your camera on cardan stabilizers by adjusting the number and position. For example, for DJI Ronin S, Zhiyun Crane Series and Weebill Lab Gimbals The counterweights are available in 2 sizes, 100g and 200g. They have a 1/4"-20 screw at one end and a 1/4"-20 threaded hole at the other end, so you can attach them together as required. The counterweight is specially designed to be compatible with the Smallrig counterweight mounting plate 2274, 2277 and 2283. 

8. SmallRig Dual Hand Grip DJI Ronin S Gimbal

The smallRig Dual Handle for DJI Ronin-S and Ronin-SC Gimbal BSS2250 is designed to operate your Ronin-S and Ronin-SC Gimbal with both hands to reduce hand fatigue. The double handle is attached to Ronin-S and Ronin-SC via a ratchet knob and has a rubber ring inside the mounting base to prevent scratching of the gimbal. The handle can be dismantled into five parts, making storage easier and your journey easier. Each handle has four 1/4-20" tapped holes on the top, one 1/4"-20 and one 3/8" 16" tapped hole on the bottom for attaching accessories such as Cold Shoe 2260 and Magic Arm 2070 for microphone and monitor. The versatile Dual Handle can be gripped with the overhand or underhand for inverted mode. The 25 mm handlebar also allows the attachment of SmallRig 25 mm mounting rod clamp 1860 for attaching accessories. In addition, the ratchet knob system allows quick adjustment of the position of the handle on the bar. 

9. SmallRig Arca-Type Quick Release Clamp

SmallRig Arca-Type Quick Release Clamp for DJI Ronin S/Ronin SC and ZHIYUN Crane Series/ Weebill S Gimbals DBC2506 is designed to quick remove the camera using an Arca L bracket or Arca plate from Arca-type fluid head to gimbals. The clamp attaches to the camera plate of gimbal via two 1/4”-20 screws in both vertical and horizontal direction. Featuring degree marks and M4 threads for DJI Ronin S/ Ronin SC Follow Focus Motor. You can also use it as a riser plate when using large diameter lens. 

10. Tilta Nucleus Nano

The Tilta Nucleus Nano System is a revolutionary wireless focus controller designed specifically for handheld gimbal systems. It allows the simultaneous use of focus pulling and guiding of the gimbal by only one person. The Nano system is compatible with almost all popular photo lenses and is also compatible with the Nucleus M motors and controllers.
The use of the Nano Handwheel is hardly different from professional Follow Focus systems and the design is almost identical to the Nucleus M Handwheel. The system is very responsive, pinpoint accurate and has no delays. It is powered by a rechargeable 14500 battery (included in the kit) and offers an operating time of approximately 6 hours.The Nano motor features low noise and high torque, it can perform very fast focus pulls quietly and with the greatest precision. The built-in 15mm rod allows flexibility and compatibility with a wide range of camera rigs. The motor has an input tolerance of 5-18V for powering via a Micro-USB connector this way the motor can be powered via a P-Tap 5V Micro-USB cable (sold separately). (The Nucleus Nano Hand Wheel should not be powered via the 5V USB port, this port is for firmware updates only).
Simply tune the Nano Motor and Nano Hand Wheel to the same channel and you're ready to go, with a radio range of up to 90m.

Tilta Nucleus Nano (Gimbal remote control)
Gimbal accessories
250.– CHF last new 329.– CHF

Tilta Nucleus Nano

Gimbal remote control