Best Toolcraft products in the Soldering irons category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Toolcraft products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Toolcraft ZD-8908 Heissluftstation

2. Toolcraft digital desoldering station ZD-8925

The ideal device for melting and extracting lead-free soft solder. This soldering station combines a desoldering system and a classic soldering station in one unit.

3. Toolcraft Lötkolben Set

4. Toolcraft ST-100D

5. Toolcraft LWK-123

6. Toolcraft SMD Hot Air Repair Station 2-in-1

This soldering station combines a desoldering system for SMDs and a classic soldering station in one unit. Multiple applications and only one supply unit. Hot-air soldering/desoldering system for SMDs For easy assembly and desoldering of SMD components using the hot-air method. Can also be used as a hot-air blower, e.g. for shrinking heat-shrink tubing. Adjustable soldering temperature and exchangeable air nozzles. A display shows the set temperature. Digital soldering station The integrated classic soldering station is equipped with a separate soldering iron incl. soldering iron holder for working on sensitive, electronic components. 

7. Toolcraft Digital Soldering Station 60 W ZD-8916

This soldering station has a large illuminated LCD display that provides information about the current temperature of the soldering iron at all times. In addition, the set temperature is shown in the display. The desired soldering temperature can be set precisely in 1°C steps using the up/down buttons on the station. The retractable sponge holder directly under the soldering iron stand makes it easy to clean the soldering tip while soldering. 

8. Toolcraft Digital soldering station ST-80D 80 W

Microprocessor-controlled control technology This digital comfort soldering station with microprocessor-controlled control technology is characterised by fast heat-up phases, working temperature setting accurate to the degree and precise control behaviour. LC info display The modern black-and-white LC display provides information at a glance on all operating states relevant to work, such as actual/set temperature, heating power by means of a bar graph and preset temperatures. Potential equalisation socket At the ESD workstation, safe soldering of sensitive ICs is made possible by the 4 mm potential equalisation socket. Modern aluminium housing Special attention was paid to a high-quality, robust aluminium housing for industrial use. The compact design saves a lot of space. Dry cleaning The dry cleaner ensures gentle tip cleaning and a longer service life of the soldering tips, as no temperature shock can occur and some of the solder remains on the tip. Practical benefits Two side storage areas for soldering tips ensure that your workplace always stays tidy. 

9. Toolcraft Soldering station with LED lighting and soldering fume extraction

The soldering station is temperature controlled with adjustable soldering tip temperature. All soldering work in the electronics sector can be carried out with various soft solders (lead, lead-free or silver solder). The product is suitable for soldering SMD components in combination with suitable soft solders. The soldering iron can be used without the extraction device and the LED lighting. Otherwise, the three components can be used in combination as required. When the set temperature is reached, the backlight of the LC display changes from yellow to white. The soldering station has a temperature memory function - the last set temperature is retained after switching on again. Switching of unit and display values between degrees Celsius (°C)/ Fahrenheit (°F) is also possible. Station with suction can be folded up when not in use. For space-saving storage in the cupboard for temporary soldering workstations. Soldering tips are compatible with other Toolcraft soldering stations. Why should you use a solder fume extraction system? Soldering often releases colophony-containing additives, gases and aerosols that irritate the skin and respiratory tract. Thanks to the solder fume extractor with activated carbon filter, the pollutants are sucked in and filtered out at the source. Direct skin and respiratory contact as well as diffusion into the room are prevented. 

Toolcraft Soldering station with LED lighting and soldering fume extraction
Soldering irons
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Toolcraft Soldering station with LED lighting and soldering fume extraction

10. Toolcraft Lötkolben-Set