Best Makeblock products in the Robotics kit category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Makeblock products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Makeblock Programmable robot

- As a STEM toy mBot 2three levels: Building, Cognition and Creation. This programmable robot learns through play and enables children to learn Scratch and Pythonprogramming, electronic assemblies and robotics skills in a more intuitive way. It improves children's hand-eye coordination, concentration, logical thinking and creativity from building to playing.

- In addition to basic functions such as line tracking, obstacle avoidance, object tracking and mobile app, the playability of mBot 2 is greatly enhanced; This coding robot can be voice controlled, can hear, remember and speak. Voice commands are supported, e.g. forward, dance. Microphone and scratch programming can implement the recording function. Expand your imagination to create more play possibilities!

- With this multifunctional motherboard, CyberPi has an integrated ultrasonic sensor, obstacle sensors, a receiver and a WIFI module so that mBot 2 can connect to the Internet and let children learn more about the Internet of Things ( Internet of Things). And for teacher use, the wifi module allows this multi-coding robot to connect to complete tasks together and simplifies teaching by using the same programming at the same time.

- The build time is for you and your child to learn together and get to know each other better. Using the installation on the homepage, the 30 minute build helps children learn more about the robot components and the mechanical design of the toy.

- A detailed paper manual and an electronic edition are offered for building. The Makeblock mobile app helps children understand mBot 2. Mblock programming software and up to 37 lessons are also provided to help children learn how to use Scratch or Python for programming to create more features for their robot kit.

2. Makeblock Codeybot

Control your robot and learn programming by assembling graphical building blocks. A Codeybot learning robot is required to run this app.

3. Makeblock Codey Rocky

Consists of two different parts: Codey is the base of the robot and Rocky the mobile base, which is equipped with all kinds of sensors.
- From the age of six, children
are able to use Codey Rocky to create simple programs and solve problems on their own.
- Due to the compatibility with Makeblock Neuron, Internet of Things integration is possible.

Competences that can be learned:
- Knowledge of robot programming
- Graphical programming with blocks or reduced C/C++ programming with the software "Arduino IDE" or C/C++ Programming
- Reading or switching of sensors and actuators
- Dealing with if-then-other rules.

4. Makeblock mBot Ranger Transformable

The versatile robot mBot Ranger - The entry into robotics. Ideal for beginners to learn robotics, electronics and Arduino programming, child-friendly programmingvia the Makeblock app "mblock" with child-friendly tutorials. Each Makeblock robot is compatible with the Arduino IDE and can be updated via the "mblock" software. Programming via Scratch and Swift (Playground APP IoS) is also possible.

Version 1: The Land Raider off-road robot can handle a wider variety of terrain than most other robot vehicles or robot cars. It is fast and overcomes the most difficult obstacles with its multi-bearing track drive. Version 2: The Raptor or Velociraptor was a bipedal, very fast running carnivore. The robot is very close to its ancestor in speed and agility. It is very suitable for races and competitions. Version 3: The small robot has earned its name. Due to its self-balance function, it constantly balances itself and tries to find its balance. Standstill is a foreign word for him. Funny to look at, but still a great toy with great technology.

5. Makeblock mBot robot

- Robot arm tank, robot barkeeper, 3D detection, robot arm tank, robot bartender, 3D detection, self-balancing robot, robot ant, rolling tank, detection robot, 3Ddetection, etc., more than 160 mechanical parts and electronic modules provided to build your own robot for various robotics projects.

- Ultimate's MegaPi motherboard is compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi. With the powerful MegaPi motherboard, Ultimate can realise high-level functions such as synchronous drive and speed control. Multiple motors and servos, sensor reading, and Raspberry Pi communication. You can use the app to remotely control this amazing educational robot.

- Ultimate is compatible with visual programming such as block-based Scratch programming languages and the Arduino IDE. You can also combine with Raspberry Pi to create Python programming and coding games. With the Makeblock programming software, you can program by simply dragging and dropping blocks. Programming beginners and professionals alike can have a great time.

- Most of Ultimate's components are made of industrial-grade aluminium alloy, which has high strength and offers long life. They are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Be a safe, lightweight, solid and durable teaching tool.

- Whether you are a coding beginner, a Raspberry Pi and Arduino enthusiast, a mechanical and electronics engineer, a teacher or a student, Ultimate helps you learn programming from the basics to the advanced with free apps. It's a perfect gift for kids, adults and robot lovers.

6. Makeblock Expansion module Robot Add-

Expansion pack for the Mbot, turn your mBot into a light scorpion.

7. Makeblock 98062 - Multicolor - 8 year(s) - mBot Ranger - 1 piece(s)

Makeblock 98062. product color: Multicolor, Recommended age in years (min.): 8 year(s), Compatibility: mBot Ranger. Quantity per pack: 1 piece(s).

Makeblock 98062 - Multicolor - 8 year(s) - mBot Ranger - 1 piece(s)
Robotics kit
59.90 CHF

Makeblock 98062 - Multicolor - 8 year(s) - mBot Ranger - 1 piece(s)

8. Makeblock Extension module mBot Add-on

Extension package for the Mbot.

9. Makeblock Neuron Explorer Kit

The Neuron Explorer Kit is a new generation Makeblock product that comes with a variety of programmable electronic blocks. It contains 12 electronic blocks (soundsensor, light sensor, smart power, temperature sensor, etc.) and 4 craft material packs. With these materials, kids can quickly build five different objects, like a car or a piano. Even better, kids can code the items to do incredible things with multiple programming languages, such as flow-based code, Scratch, or Swift. And bundled with game-based tutorials, the Neuron Explorer Kit helps users explore the world of code in a fun way.
4 cut-out creations and 12 electronic modules available for DIY creations.
The kit includes 4 cut-out projects and 12 electronic modules to get you started easily. With these materials, kids can make a variety of creations including Explorer Transformer Car, Robot, LED Sword, Piano and Ukulele.
The kit contains a total of 12 electronic modules, including distance sensor, light sensor, sound sensor, LED strip, buzzer and more. Each module has its specific preset interactive play sequences, which means kids can easily combine the blocks to do many things without programming. Designing is made easy and kids are given the freedom to design the way they want. During the process, children can easily master the working principles of these electronic blocks and basic science concepts.

10. Makeblock Robot kit Ultimate 2

The Ultimate is the most comprehensive kit from Makeblock - up to 10 robots can be assembled from this kit. The pre-programmed remote control in the "Makeblock"app for IoS and Android, helps with the control and programming. Each Makeblock robot is compatible with the Arduino IDE and can be updated via the "mblock" software. Programming via Scratch and Swift (Playground APP IoS) is also possible.