Best Hyperice products in the Massage guns category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Hyperice products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Hyperice Hypervolt

The original Hyperice Hypervolt - connected to the Hyperice App via Bluetooth. Connect the Hypervolt Bluetooth to the Hyperice app (IOS , Android), start your recovery program and let HyperSmart technology do the thinking. The speed adjusts as you walk through the guided programs so you can focus on the massage. The Hypervolt Bluetooth is the original vibration massager from Hyperice. In addition to the great ease of use and futuristic design, the outstanding feature of the Hypervolt is the Quiet Glide technology. It allows the tissue to be treated with up to 3200 beats per minute. Muscle stiffness and soreness are relieved and the blood circulation, range of motion and general health of the soft tissue is improved. In concrete terms, the Hypervolt Bluetooth helps you to achieve improved mobility, significantly shorter recovery times and faster healing after muscle injuries. The Quiet Glide technology is long established in the top leagues of American professional sports. With the Hypervolt Bluetooth it is possible to make this therapy available for the first time. The built-in pressure sensor technology provides visual feedback during the entire massage process to ensure that the most efficient pressure is used. 

2. Hyperice Hypervolt 2

3. Hyperice Hypervolt 2 Pro

Get the same powerful percussion massage therapy as the world's best athletes. With more power and variable speeds (5 levels), the Hypervolt 2 Pro helps you recover faster so you can get back to doing more of what you love. Our Hypervolt 2 Pro has an improved ergonomic grip design and the more powerful motor makes it our best performance machine ever. The Infinity Wheel allows you to intuitively choose between 5 different intensity levels and the Bluetooth connectivity allows for a unique massage experience. 

4. Hyperice Hypervolt Go 2.0

Made to move
The ultra-light Hypervolt Go was designed to take you everywhere. From the gym to the city, and everywhere in between, it'll help you push yourself.
And say "Go" again.


Ready to go
The Hypervolt Go is our most compact and portable unit, allowing you to access the benefits of percussion massage anytime, anywhere.

5. Hyperice Hypervolt GO

The world's most popular massage gun - now on the GO. The Hypervolt GO is the smallest member of the Hypervolt family - it's a full 30% smaller than the Hypervolt Plus and is a flyweight at only 0.7kg. It has been approved by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and you can pack it in your hand luggage without hesitation. This makes it the ideal companion for on the road or even on vacation. Regenerating on the go made easy. The Hypervolt Go makes it possible. Your benefits with the Hypervolt Bluetooth at a glance: Helps relieve sore muscles, muscle stiffness and muscle pain. Significantly faster recovery times. Faster healing of muscle injuries. Increases local blood flow to tissues. Very light and user-friendly attachments for different treatment focuses. Significantly quieter than comparable products