Best Jinbei products in the Lamp tripods category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Jinbei products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Jinbei BM-300

Jinbei 1.09.061403 BM-300 Boom steel (with sand bag).

2. Jinbei JF-238A

The Jinbei JF-238A lamp tripod is an extremely stable steel lamp tripod for professional photo and film studios. It is suitable for a wide range of applications.

the attachment of flashes, continuous lights, spotlights and other accessories, the JF-238A steel tripod is equipped with a connection socket with 29 mm diameter and a retractable 5/8 inch spigot. Thus, you can realize different lighting variations with studio flash units, flash heads, LED continuous light or spotlights. You can attach different devices via the variable adapter, for example via the 29 mm or the 5/8" connection. Furthermore, you can use different tripod arms or adapters, for example to use it as a boom tripod or to mount backgrounds, diffusers, reflectors or up to five flash heads on the tripod.

The tripod sections are spring-loaded and can be locked by means of sturdy steel screw locks. The three sturdy casters included in the delivery make the lamp tripod movable and the conversion of a shooting set easier. The tripod glides easily over the studio floor without using much force. Robust locking brakes serve to fix the position.

3. Jinbei BM-285A

Jinbei 1.09.061406 BM-285A Hand Lifting Steel Studio Stand Kit.

4. Jinbei JB-004

Jinbei 1.09.041507 JB-004 Multiple Mount Light Stand.

5. Jinbei L-600D

Jinbei 1.09.021101 L-600D Roof Light Stand.

6. Jinbei L-20

Jinbei 3.13.041902 L-20 on camera stand.

7. Jinbei JB-300

Made of aluminum, the Jinbei JB-300 lamp tripod supports up to seven kilograms of weight and is suitable for high light setting with a maximum working height of two and a half meters. The permanently integrated 5/8 inch spigot adapter with 3/8 inch male thread offers many alternatives for attaching studio flash, flash head, continuous light or studio accessories. The individual sections of the center column can be extended in a few quick steps and locked at the desired height with secure screw locks. The integrated air damping ensures that the individual extensions sink gently when the locks are open and that equipment mounted on the tripod is not damaged. Center struts provide the necessary stability for the three tripod legs, to which you can attach additional weights for optimized stability if required. With a packing size of 94 centimeters, the JB-300 fits in any photo luggage. With the separately available Jinbei JB11-036 tripod castor set, the JB-300 lamp tripod becomes a rolling tripod that can be conveniently moved to the desired position. 

8. Jinbei M-8

Jinbei 1.09.051306 M-8 2-in-1 steel Light Stand.

9. Jinbei 1.09.041202 JB-280 Aluminium Light Stand

Jinbei 1.09.041202 JB-280 Aluminum Light Stand.

Jinbei 1.09.041202 JB-280 Aluminium Light Stand (280 cm, 5 kg)
Lamp tripods
68.90 CHF

Jinbei 1.09.041202 JB-280 Aluminium Light Stand

280 cm, 5 kg

10. Jinbei MF-3000F

The Jinbei MF-3000F steel lamp tripod meets highest requirements in terms of stability and load capacity due to its solid construction and high load capacity. The professional tripod proves its flexibility with its universal connection options for flash or video light. Studio flash units with large light shapers, LED continuous light, video area lights or spotlights can be used equally well with it. By means of separate accessories, you can attach, for example, boom arms or reflectors to this professional tripod. The Jinbei MF-3000F is ideal for use in large (wedding) photo studios, advertising and video studios and for professional outdoor photography. Everything about the Jinbei MF-3000F metal lamp tripod is large in size. This ranges from the maximum extension height, the diameter of the individual sections to the stable tripod legs. The center column of the studio tripod is equipped with spring damping, which prevents the equipment from hitting hard if the lock is accidentally released. The three sections of the center column have diameters of 30 to 40 millimeters. The desired working height of 140 to 310 centimeters can be set in a few quick steps and locked with solid screw locks. The tripod legs have a 25 x 25 mm profile and are connected to the center column via double-barreled center struts and solid guide elements. One tripod leg is equipped with a telescopic extension with which it can be extended shorter or longer than the other legs. This allows you to easily compensate for height differences caused by an uneven or sloping surface or stairs. The MF-3000F has a load capacity of up to 20 kilograms and can easily carry heavy lighting equipment. The Jinbei JB11-036B tripod casters, available as accessories, give the light stand the mobility needed for smooth studio operation. For standing storage, turn the casters inward and the stand stands by itself on the supports attached to the casters. The Jinbei MF-3000F Steel Lamp Stand has a variety of connection options for professional video or flash lighting with its 29mm connection base and 5/8" spigot that can be used horizontally or vertically. With additional brackets and a boom arm, it can, for example, be extended to a boom stand, allows the mounting of several light sources or allows the attachment of reflectors.