Best Melitta products in the Filter coffee makers category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Melitta products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Melitta Aromafresh

Melitta AromaFresh ceramic grinder, 11 variable grind settings from coarse to fine for all coffee preparation methods, adjustable coffee strength for individual coffee flavour from mild to strong, use of ground coffee possible, coffee quantity adjustable for 2-10 cups. 

2. Melitta optima timer

Pre-programming of the coffee start at any time with the illuminated digital clock display. The coffee filter machine switches on automatically at the programmed time. The illumination of the clock display can be permanently switched on or off. Perfect coffee flavour and optimal brewing temperature. The hot water only flows into the filter when the optimum brewing temperature of 95°C has been reached. The valuable aroma substances unfold ideally even with small quantities of coffee. The coffee therefore has the perfect drinking temperature after the brewing process. No dripping occurs when the brewing process is interrupted thanks to the practical integrated drip-stop function in the filter insert. Easy filling of coffee powder with the help of the swivelling filter. No cable clutter due to integrated cable compartment. Easy cleaning in the dishwasher for filter insert, glass jug, hinged lid and tank lid. Clean the removable water tank under running water. Individually adjustable water hardness by means of supplied test strips. The descaling indicator lights up when the machine needs to be descaled. Easier to clean thanks to decalcifying programme. This allows demanding filter coffee lovers to enjoy consistently high quality. Less than 1 watt consumption in standby mode. No unnecessary power consumption due to automatic switch-off after 30, 60 or 90 minutes. The economical LED lights on switches and buttons are optimally visible. No unnecessary energy consumption by displaying the time of decalcification (the higher the lime layer in the heating element, the more energy is consumed). 

3. Melitta Easy

Coffee drips on the warming plate are finally a thing of the past, as the swivel filter has an integrated drip stop that prevents annoying dripping after the glass jug has been removed. The removable swivel filter is dishwasher-safe and can simply be put in the dishwasher together with the glass jug after use. Capacity of 10 cups. Melitta filter bag 1x4 is suitable for this. 

4. Melitta Look Timer

Filter coffee maker with timer function, removable water tank and swing filter incl. drip stop and integrated decalcification program for easy cleaning and a plug. With the AromaSelector, you can easily set your individual coffee strength. Thanks to the keep-warm function (20, 40 or 60 minutes), the filter coffee stays hot for a long time. Suitable for 1x4 Melitta filter papers, 10 cups (1.25l) capacity, automatic limit switch. 

5. Melitta Look Perfection

This filter coffee machine has a removable water tank and a swivelling filter including drip stop. It has an integrated descaling programme for easy cleaning. The AromaSelector allows you to easily set your individual coffee strength. Thanks to the keep-warm function (20, 40 or 60 minutes), the filter coffee stays hot for a long time. Suitable for 1x4 Melitta filter bags. The coffee maker has a 10-cup capacity. Automatic end switch-off. 

6. Melitta Single 5

For small households just the right thing: Single 5 - coffee enjoyment from the first cup on.
The aroma valve of Melitta Single 5 ensures full enjoyment and an optimal
coffee temperature (cooking temperature: 95 °C), even with small quantities. The valve does not let the water into the filter until it is hot enough. Before it runs back into the water tank. This ensures that even when preparing small cups, the coffee powder only comes into contact with optimally heated water right from the start. All of the coffee's valuable aromas are fully tapped - for full coffee enjoyment and an optimal drinking temperature from the first to the last cup.
The Melitta Single 5 is practical and user-friendly: swivel filter for easy filling of the powdered coffee. Easy reading due to external water level indicator and illuminated on/off switch. There is no dripping when the brewing process is interrupted, thanks to the practical integrated drip stop function in the filter insert. Cables that are too long disappear in a discrete cable compartment. Easy cleaning of the removable filter element, the glass jug and the glass jug lid in the dishwasher. The housing can be cleaned from the outside with a soft, damp cloth.
Suitable filter papers: size 1x2.

7. Melitta Look4Therm

With the Melitta Look Therm Timer filter coffee maker in black with elegant stainless steel covers on the filter holder, jug handle and filter lid, up to 15 small or 10 larger cups of coffee can be brewed. Thanks to the brewing lid, the coffee goes directly into the thermal pot during the brewing process. The unbreakable thermal jug with one-hand operation increases the ease of use. The transparent water tank has a cup scale and makes filling particularly easy. The swivel filter of the Melitta Look offers a removable filter insert with drip-stop, which makes cleaning easier. Thanks to the patented AromaSelector, the taste is mild or strong, depending on the individual setting with a single movement of the hand. The result is always optimal, quite comfortably without changing the amount of water or coffee. The 3-in-1 limescale protection with programmable water hardness level, display of the degree of limescale and automatic practical descaling programme ensures that the coffee machine functions perfectly. The timer function with LED display switches the unit on automatically at the programmed time. The brewing process is thus started automatically. 

8. Melitta 1025-17 Look Therm Timer

Coffee filter machine with timer function: Melitta 1025-17Features: -Stainless steel thermos -Volume: 1.25 l -Transparent water tank -Timer function -Descaling program -Adjustable water hardness -Drip stop -Swivel filter -Coffee strength individually selectable -Three-stage keep-warm function (20, 40 or 60 minutes). 

9. Melitta Coffee maker

Melitta SDA coffee maker 1023-08 sw Manufacturer: Melitta SDA Name: coffee maker EasyTop II Therm Type: 1023-08 sw Design: coffee maker Connected load: 1050 W Voltage: 230 V Number of cups: 8 Capacity: 1000 ml Design of the jug: insulated jug Basic color: black Integrated grinder: no Aroma switch: no Timer: no Drip stop: yes With water filter: no Tea filter: no Removable water tank: no Milk frothing: no Width: 173 mm Height: 350 mm Depth: 238 mm Automatic switch-off: yesMelitta SDA coffee maker 1023-08 sw: more detailsTransparent water tank with cup scaling, removable, dishwasher-safe swivel filter, illuminated on/off switch, automatic limit switch-off after 15 min. , EAN: 4006508218745. 

10. Melitta Easy Therm

The Melitta® Easy Therm is a filter coffee machine in a clever, compact design. The machine has a transparent water tank with cup scale and a removable swivel filter with drip-stop. The therm jug keeps the coffee nice and hot for a long time.