Best Sony products in the Camera remote controls category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Sony products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Sony RMT-P1BT

With the RMT-P1BT wireless remote control, various camera functions can be remotely controlled reliably and precisely. Compatible models include the Alpha series ILCE-6400, ILCE-6400L, ILCE-6400M, ILCE-7M3, ILCE-7M3K, ILCE-7RM3, ILCE-9. The remote control has a high response speed with a minimum shutter release delay of 0.05 seconds or less. A light-emitting diode on the remote control indicates the camera's operating status by flashing or glowing steadily. To enable the remote control to be used in a wide range of environmental and weather conditions, it is protected against dust as well as moisture and provides reliable performance in temperatures from -10 °C to 50 °C degrees.

For maximum control over camera functions, the RMT-P1BT wireless remote control features a focus button for individual control of autofocus, a custom C1 remote control button that can be assigned according to user preference via the camera menu, and a start/stop button for video recording. The motorized zoom or digital zoom controls are ideal for remote video recording. For long exposures, the shutter can be opened and closed by tapping the main button on the remote control, eliminating the need to hold the button down for the entire exposure. Various possible uses of the remote control in combination with Sony Alpha cameras are shown on the website

2. Sony Cable remote release RM-SPR1

Take clear, crisp photos with this compact remote control. Mount your camera2 on a tripod or place it on a stable surface, attach the remote control, and you're ready to go - with no fear of shocks, blurred images, blurred selfies, and even night shots are breathtakingly clear. 

3. Sony RMT-DSLR2

Compatible with many NEX and SLT cameras, this remote allows you to control the composition of your photos and videos remotely.

With wireless controls to start
and stop your movies, you can create videos while holding your camera in the perfect shooting position. With a wireless infrared connection, you can release the shutter when you are in the area of your camera or outdoors.

Avoid any movement of the device. With this remote control, you can release the shutter precisely and remotely without touching your camera. The remote shutter release time (just two seconds) makes it easy to take self-portraits and beautiful shots with longer exposure times.

View your images and configure your settings remotely. This convenient remote lets you view and change slideshows, videos and settings without touching your camera.

4. Sony RM-VPR1

The shutter delay without vibration ensures blur-free shooting. Uncomplicated trigger control, video recording and zoom. In Live View mode, you can view video live on the LC display. 

5. Sony Live View Remote Kit

6. Sony RM-1BP Remote Control LANC

Sony RM-1BP Remote ControlWith the RM-1BP, zoom, focus and shooting of the camera can be controlled via LANC without having to make any setting on the camera itself.

7. Sony RM-L1AM, wired remote control

Remote control with cable for DSLR cameras.