Camera bag

Camera bags come in many sizes and shapes. You will find photo backpacks, camera bags, cases, photo suitcases and readiness bags for different types of cameras. Camera backpacks are especially popular. These often offer enough space for your camera as well as for other items. Well-known brands are: Peak Design, Lowepro, Manfrotto and Mantona.

Manufacturer specific camera bags fit for a specific camera model or an entire model range. Most of them are exactly fitting cases and bags that leave little room for additional accessories, lenses or your laptop. Our universal photo bags or camera backpacks in the shop are from brands such as Lowepro, ONA, Manfrotto, Thule, Crumpler or Cullmann and usually offer additional storage space so that you always have your complete equipment at hand. They are selected by features such as weather resistance, storage space, material, style and brand, and then you check to see if your camera model and the accessories you need fit in. Also the manufacturers themselves, such as Canon, Olympus, Sony or Nikon offer more and more universal camera bags with more storage space, which then fit several models. If you are not sure whether the selected camera bag fits your camera: Put your camera model in the shopping cart, go to the checkout - the matching camera bags are linked in the accessory pop-up window that appears.