Best Visible Dust products in the Camera cleaning category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Visible Dust products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Visible Dust VDust Plus

VDust Formula is the specialist among VisibleDust's cleaning solutions and takes on all types of heavy sensor contamination. It is particularly effective against oily and proteinaceous contamination and prevents streaks. Contains isopropanol. Suitable for green and orange swabs. 

2. Visible Dust Quasar Plus Sensor Magnifier 7x with Filter

Quasar Plus Sensor Magnifier 7x with filter.

Visible Dust Quasar Plus Sensor Magnifier 7x with Filter
Camera cleaning
139.– CHF

Visible Dust Quasar Plus Sensor Magnifier 7x with Filter

3. Visible Dust microfiber cloth

Visible Dust microfibre cloth for uncomplicated, efficient cleaning of optical lenses This high-quality microfibre cloth is ideal for cleaning sensitive lenses or other optics. It absorbs dust, dirt and removes impurities (such as fingerprints) completely. 

4. Visible Dust MXD-100

This liquid removes water stains (may be caused by condensation) or oily residue (may be caused by sealing). Vdust creates static protection. This liquid removes water stains (can be caused by condensation) or stubborn dust particles. Sensor Clean is dust-repellent and effective against fogging. The VisibleDust Swabs are made of a fleece-like special material which can hold liquid well and is soft enough so that the valuable sensors are not scratched. Thanks to patented mini-channels in the material, the cleaning fluid is evenly distributed to achieve optimal results. In addition, the formation of streaks is prevented. 

5. Visible Dust Arctic Butterfly 724X

Arctic Butterfly 724X.

6. Visible Dust Quasar R 5x Dark Adaption Sensor Magnifier

- Dark Adaptation Technology (DAT)
- 7 white and 7 red super bright LEDs
- 67 mm Adapter ring
- Equipped with high-quality ED glass
- Bright Vue technology
for three-dimensional display

This unique loupe uses Dark Adaptation Technology to improve visual acuity and vision. Dust and dirt particles are made visible that cannot be seen under normal white light.

The Quasar R magnifier is equipped with fourteen bright LED lamps, seven of which produce a special red light based on a wavelength that increases the visibility of dust particles. At this special wavelength, the red light produces the maximum dilation of the pupil in the iris. This increases the sensitivity of the photoreceptors in the eye many times over. After only a few seconds, the pupil is dilated so that the sensor can be perceived more clearly and with more detail.

The Quasar R has a fivefold magnification and is equipped with high-quality ED glass. This in turn has a fluoride coating (MgF2) to reduce light reflections and chromatic aberrations. In addition, the Quasar R magnifier is equipped with a 67mm metal filter thread to connect filters or an extension tube to achieve further ambient light shading.

The "Bright Vue" technology enables a three-dimensional display with 7 white or red LEDs arranged at different angles. This allows any contamination, no matter how small, to be identified.

The Quasar® R magnifier is powered by two CR2032 batteries, which are included in the scope of delivery.

Visible Dust Quasar R 5x Dark Adaption Sensor Magnifier
Camera cleaning
146.– CHF

Visible Dust Quasar R 5x Dark Adaption Sensor Magnifier

7. Visible Dust Zee Pro Blower

The Zee Pro is a large volume bellows equipped with proven safety features.Zee Pro is specifically designed to meet the requirements of sensitive cleaning activities, such as cleaning a digital camera. The majority of bellows on the market do not have built-in air filters, so they act like dust magnets, sucking up microscopic dust particles and then shooting them at high speed onto sensitive surfaces like the camera sensor. The small damage this creates is the most common cause of "unknown" sensor damage.Zee Pro has a patented design that includes both a front and rear air filter. These filters prevent micro-particles from being blown out. This design allows for a particle-free, clean air system. The two air filters are located on the front nozzle, as well as the rear air intake nozzle. The unique dirt-repellent surface prevents dirt particles from sticking to the exterior or interior.In addition, the surface texture gives the Zee Pro a sleek and clean appearance. The oval design of the air chamber allows you to achieve a larger volume while maintaining comfortable handling.Optionally, you can complement the Zee Pro with the Visible Dust FlexoDome bayonet attachments, which allow you to guide the Zee Pro more safely and efficiently.-Overall dimensions / Body: 180 x 61 x 61 mm / 122 x 61 -Weight: 84 g. 

8. Visible Dust MXD100 Green Swab

Today's sensor technologies mostly use water repellent coatings to prevent stains. Vdust Plus is an alcohol-based cleaning solution with high volatility that is ideal for removing water stains on coated sensors.Unfortunately, alcohol is not very good at removing stains resulting from organic material (heavy lubricants, etc.). For this, there is Smear Away - a strong cleaning solution that is excellent at removing even very troublesome residues from organic material.Since this cleaning solution is water based, slight streaking may occur as a result of the hydrophobic coating of the lens. If this occurs, reduce the amount of liquid on the next cleaning stick or simply use Vdust Plus with a new stick to remove the streaks.Since it is often not immediately apparent what type of stain it is, it is recommended to start with one of the two liquids first. If the stain has disappeared, the cleaning process can be stopped immediately. Otherwise, the liquid should be changed and the cleaning process continued. It is essential to use a new cleaning rod. The cleaning liquids must not be mixed. Always swipe in the same direction when cleaning.Smear Away Anti-mist property, strong anti-static, removes smears on the first try, special materials prevent scratches on the sensor from cleaning. Is best suited to remove oil-based residues (lubricants) and heavy dust traces. Non-alcoholic and non-flammable. Best used with VisibleDust MXD-100 Green Series Swabs.VDust Plus removes oily residues, is highly volatile and allows streak free cleaning when used with DHAP orange and Ultra MXD-100 green Vswab.Green MXD-100 Vswab patented V-shaped cleaning sticks provide very good movement in the chamber, smooth movement and due to the shape clean the corners efficiently. They fit all three solutions and the combined synthetic fiber material provides very good results in removing oily smears. The soft material protects the sensor (best suited for fluorine coated sensors) and removes residues without leaving streaks.This kit contains:-Green Vswabs 1.6 (16 mm) (5 per pack) -Liquid cleaner Smear Away (1.15 ml) -Liquid cleaner VDust Plus (1.15 ml)VisibleDust - Download compatibility list here Hazard and Safety Information:Caution! -(P102) Keep out of the reach of children. 

9. Visible Dust SL swab 1.6x 16mm - Offwhite, 50-Pack

Clean your camera sensor without danger. This kit contains 50 swabs.

For APS-C sensors
Even pressure over the edge
Firm grip of the swab due to thick
More even flow with fewer streaks
Cleaning of corners due to sharper edges
Patented design for unique angled triangular shape
Compatible with CMOS Clean™, VDust Plus™, Sensor Clean™ and Smear Away™.

VisibleDust Swabs are made from a special non-woven material that holds liquid well and is soft enough not to scratch valuable sensors.

Mini channels
Thanks to patented mini-channels in the material, the cleaning liquid is distributed very evenly to achieve optimal results. In addition, streaking is prevented.

Cleaning instructions
Please note that the sticks may only be used once. Only one cleaning fluid may be used at a time. Methanol or Eclipse cleaners are not suitable.

Sensors should be cleaned of dust with a VisibleDust Brush or compressed air before wet cleaning.

A swab should only be dragged over the sensor twice. Start with one side, then turn and clean again with the other side. This prevents scratches caused by dirt deposits.

Visible Dust SL swab 1.6x 16mm - Offwhite, 50-Pack
Camera cleaning
247.– CHF

Visible Dust SL swab 1.6x 16mm - Offwhite, 50-Pack

10. Visible Dust EZ Kit Vdust

Visible Dust EZ Kit Vdust 1.3x green Set of VDust Plus cleaning fluid and four 1.3 VSwabs (24 mm)VDust Plus -Universal cleaner -Cleaning solution with isopropanol -Also for cameras WITHOUT low-pass filter -Prevents static charge -Prevents streak formation -For green and orange swabsThese swabs are an excellent means for thorough sensor wet cleaning. They are as soft and gentle on the sensor as the Orange Series Swabs and are compatible with all cleaning solutions in the VisibleDust range.-Microfiber structure -Gentle on the sensor (Swabs for sensor size 1.3x) -No linting (closed flow all around), no threads -Optimal distribution of the liquid through mini-channels -One swab per cleaning, but can be used on both sides (wet and/or dry) -Suitable for all VisibleDust liquidsThis kit includes: -VDust Plus 1 ml -Orange VSwabs 20 mm (pack of 4)VisibleDust - Download compatibility list here Hazard and safety warnings:Caution! -(P102) Keep out of the reach of children.