Best Rollei products in the Camera cleaning category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Rollei products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Rollei Travel cleaning kit

Those who travel with their professional camera equipment have to reckon with not being able to fall back on the perfect photo infrastructure in every region of the world if the camera ever shows image errors due to dirt. As a precaution, professional photo globetrotters not only pack a number of spare parts and equipment with them, but also always have a versatile cleaning set with them. The focus is not only on quality, but also on the greatest possible flexibility.

In the Rollei Camera Cleaning Set Travel you will therefore find cleaning tools which are not only limited to special cameras or equipment but can also be used for other optical devices. Protected against loss and dirt, the components of the travel set are stored in a sturdy box. The Travel cleaning set includes the practical Lens Pen with nylon brush on one side and a rotating round plate coated with carbon powder on the other. Perfect for gentle dirt removal on sensitive optics. With the Mini Air Blower you can remove the finest dust, sand or fluff without contact, the nozzle tip acts even in the smallest corners or angles.

The Rollei lens cleaning liquid in the 30 ml dosage bottle is sufficient even for long journeys to remote corners of the earth and cleans all optical surfaces of housings, displays, lenses and filters. Five high-quality microfibre cloths are also included in order to be able to permanently absorb dust and lint free dirt and liquids. 10 damp cleaning cloths complete the range of applications in order to be able to react with a few simple steps in time trouble. Especially grease and oil stains on the optical lenses can ruin a shooting permanently. The whole Rollei Camera Cleaning Set Travel can be carried safely and cleanly on the snap hook of the sturdy storage box, on belt buckles, backpack straps, carrying straps or other loops there is always a place within reach.

2. Rollei Sensor cleaning set full size

The full-frame image sensors of high-quality professional SLR cameras are exposed to all weather influences at the moment of lens change, even dust and dirt particles can deposit on the sensor cells within a very short time. If you frequently change between locations at different temperatures, there is still a risk of condensation spots forming on the image chip.

Rollei offers a practical set for dry and wet cleaning so that you can thoroughly clean the sensor of your full-frame SLR even when travelling or during a longer-lasting nature shooting. In addition to a highly effective cleaning fluid, the scope of delivery includes 12 individually and vacuum-packed brushes, which have been specially developed for the width of full-frame sensors.

Each individual sensor brush is packed completely dust-free, with a smooth wiping motion you cover the entire surface of the image sensor. The cleaning fluid in the handy 15 ml bottle is used very sparingly to remove condensation stains, a maximum of one drop is sufficient for complete cleaning.

3. Rollei Sensor cleaning set APS-C

Image sensors in APS-C format are widely used among digital SLR cameras. Due to its compact size, this image chip is rather difficult to clean if dust, dirt or moisture could get into the SLR body during lens change. In addition, condensation stains will continue to form on the surface of the sensor cells if the camera is exposed to frequent temperature changes when the lens or cover is mounted.

All-in-one cleaning set for APS-C image sensors

APS-C sensors must be cleaned with a brush exactly matched to the size of the sensor surface. Full-frame sensor brushes are too large to cover the surface. If you use brushes that are too narrow, the various wiping processes at the edges repeatedly form dirt bars. The Rollei APS-C sensor brushes are vacuum-packed individually and absolutely dust-free, the 12 brushes in the set are also sufficient for extensive photo tours. Dust and lint can be removed dry; in the case of condensation stains, a maximum of one drop of the cleaning liquid is sufficient for cleaning.

4. Rollei Tornado

special camera bellows have been used by photo professionals and demanding amateur photographers for decades for the careful and gentle cleaning of their valuable and highly sensitive equipment. The finely adjustable air flow is very well suited to remove even the smallest dust particles from normally inaccessible corners of a camera housing or directly and contact-free from the image sensor. The Rollei Tornado now represents the logical further development of this useful and popular tool. 

5. Rollei Per cleaning set

Thanks to its aluminium body, the enclosed Lenspen also tolerates a rougher treatment. The carbon cleaning plate, protected by a sturdy cap, is doubled in order to completely remove any optical contamination, even when used extensively. The retractable brush at the other end of the Lenspen not only wedges microscopically fine grains of dust out of even the smallest corner of the camera body, but also serves to remove the abrasion of the carbon disc, which combines with grease and other residues and clumps out into small black particles.

The Rollei Pro cleaning set includes various cleaning cloths - you will receive a large 20 x 20 cm microfibre cloth to wrap your camera and clean it with both hands without physical contact, five 15 x 15 cm and finer woven microfibre cloths for targeted cleaning of individual parts or lenses, and 10 individually packaged disposable wet cleaning cloths for quick and spontaneous cleaning. You can use the microfibre cloths dry or together with the special lens cleaning liquid, which is also included in the cleaning set in the professional bottle size 30 ml and practical spray head. All components fit in the sturdy transport and storage case and accompany you well protected and always ready for use even on longer and challenging photo safaris.

6. Rollei Sensor cleaning set MFT

The successor generation of digital SLR cameras, the mirrorless, very compact system cameras according to the MFT standard (Micro Four Thirds System), are equipped with image sensors that make up only half of the known 35 mm format. In order to safely remove dirt or dust from the very sensitive and tiny sensor surfaces, precisely fitting cleaning brushes made of particularly gentle material are required. The Rollei Sensor Brushes for cameras with MFT sensors are individually packaged under vacuum, absolutely dust-free, and allow you to carefully and professionally clean your high-quality camera. The sensor brushes are suitable both for dry cleaning - to gently remove larger dust grains or dirt particles from the image sensor surface - and for gentle and streak-free wet cleaning with the Rollei Sensor Cleaning Liquid. The sturdy 15 ml bottle can be easily taken along on demanding photo safaris and really lasts for a long time, but can also be purchased separately if required. For wet cleaning only one drop - please no longer - is required. Apply the cleaning fluid to the sensor brush and gently pull it from one side to the other. Professional photographers regularly clean their cameras, lenses and other accessories, even if the equipment has not been exposed to any particular contamination. Because even by constantly attaching and removing the interchangeable lenses in the studio, a film of dirt can settle on the sensor over time, which at some point also impairs the image quality. With the Rollei Sensor Cleaning Set for cameras with MFT sensor you have all necessary cleaning utensils at hand and only need a few minutes for the care and cleaning of the sensitive sensor. 

7. Rollei Professional lens cleaning kit

How to clean your camera lens with the professional lens cleaning kit: Remove coarse dust or sand particles from your lens with the bellows and wipe the glass of your camera lens with the cleaning attachment in circular movements. The material removes grease residues from fingerprints, for example, leaving behind small black residues. This is perfectly normal and also necessary.

On the back of the professional lens pen Rollei has attached a brush for you, with which you can remove the just mentioned residues without much effort. In order not to scratch or smear your lens, the brush is particularly soft.

Now the bellows come into play, which you have already used in the first step. Simply squeeze it once or twice so that air can escape and blow away the last residues in this way. For the last step, Rollei has included the practical microfibre cloth in the set. With this you can finish your cleaning and give your lens the final touch of cleanliness.