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Do you want to compare mobile phone subscriptions and find a cheap subscription or prepaid?
Our subscription fee advisor will help you. Here you can easily compare offers from the most popular providers
- Swisscom, Salt, Sunrise, M-Budget Mobile and Wingo. Over ten filters are designed to help you search through the subscription jungle to find the perfect deal for you. No matter if you need a full contract or you just want a simple subscription for your new mobile phone, you’ll find what you need with us.

Have you narrowed down your chosen subscriptions to 2-5 options?
Click on «Compare» directly above the product selection and you will have an even better overview of which subscription is suitable for you. The «Product comparison» section allows you to see your comparison.

Are you still unsure which mobile subscription really suits you?
The Mobile Sales Team will be happy to give you helpful tips on mobile subscriptions, changing providers, porting and subscription contracts. Contact us via e-mail:

Have you found your desired mobile subscription and do you know which mobile device you want?
Then you can order the subscription with a device as follows and sign your contract directly with us.

1. Select your dream device:
Enter the name of the mobile phone you want in the search bar. If you’re unsure which mobile phone you would like, you will find the «Mobile phone» section in the left navigation bar. There, more than 15 filters will help you to find the right smartphone.

2. Call the subscription configurator
Click «Buy this product with subscription» on the right side of the product view. To find out more, click on the «Buy with contract or contract extension» button in the panel on the left of the screen.

3. Decide on your new subscription or a subscription extension
Would you like to change your current provider or get a new number? Then choose «With a new contract» - otherwise «With a contract extension».

4. Secure the best offer on your subscription
Are you interested in a youth offer? Then choose «Youth» in the next step - otherwise choose «Private customer» or «Business». Go to your favourite provider and choose your desired subscription incl. the contract duration. Hit the «Save» button at the end of this page.

5. Mobile phone + complete your order
Log in to your customer account and fill in the required information.

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Sunrise - Mobile internet comfort

Swisscom - inOne KMU mobile premium

Swisscom - inOne mobile premium

Sunrise - Freedom europe&US

Salt - World

Sunrise - Young europe&US

Salt - Business

Salt - Europe

Salt - Business

Salt - Business Swiss

Sunrise - Freedom swiss neighbors

Sunrise - Young swiss neighbors

UPC - Unlimited Europe

Sunrise - Mobile internet unlimited

Salt - Swiss