Storage controllers

A storage controller controls access to several hard disks (e.g. in large RAID systems). With common PCs, it is normally already integrated in the motherboard, but can also be purchased separately to make larger hard disk networks faster and more powerful.

At digitec you will find hard disk controllers of well-known brands such as Adaptec, Asus, Dawicontrol, Dell, Delock, Exsys, Fujitsu, HPE, HighPoint, IBM, Intel, Lenovo, LSI Logic, M-Cab, StarTech, Supermicro and many others.

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Digitus - PCIe Card Firewire 1394a 3port

HPE - Smart Array E208i-p SR Gen10

Delock - 64069

Delock - PCI-Ex4

Delock - 90303

Delock - 89384

Delock - 8x SATA PCI-Ex1 card

Supermicro - LSI SAS 3008 IT/HBA MODE 12GB/

Delock - PCI-Express-x4 5Port SATA controller

Delock - PCI-Ex8 card, NVMe

Delock - 4x SATA PCI-Ex1 card


Delock - 89929

Delock - PCIe x4 > 1 x M.2 NGFF NVMe

Delock - 90392