RC remote controls + Receivers

Remote controls, also known as RC, are used to operate remote control models. And the joystick is used for steering. The RC then transfers this via analogue with 27 and 40 MHz or digital with 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz to the right receiver. You just need to make sure the transmitter and receiver have the same frequency and radio protocol. Remote control operation comes in a number of guises but the gun transmitter and the handheld transmitter are the most common. The number of channels determines the maximum amount of motors or servos you can control. 

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PGYTECH - Smart Controller protective bag

Futaba - T6L Sport T-FHSS Mode2 und R3106GF Empfänger

Futaba - R202GF

Siku - Bluetooth Fernsteuerung

Traxxas - Link Wireless Module

Spektrum - RC Empfänger AR636

Futaba - Airspeed Sensor SBS01TAS

Spektrum - DX6 G2 DSMX

Absima - CR3P 2.4Ghz Sender

Futaba - R203GF S-FHSS

FrSky - Taranis Q X7 Handheld remote control

Absima - R3WP Empfänger

Absima - 6-Channel Radio CR6P CARBON EDITION 2.4GHz incl. Receiver

Futaba - R304SB-E Telemetrie-Empfänger T-FHSS

Siku - RC remote control module

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